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Art Appreciation 🎨

I just fell upon an Instagram page that has these amazing art works.

Yo! @acronewsofficial has these amazing art and I couldn’t resist sharing it on here for you who appreciate art 😍

I got to screenshot some which made me smile and that which was so relatable 😊

Enjoy these 😍

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Thank you for joining me this week 😍
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Body Butter Ghee For The Face

I honestly had no post scheduled for this week.

The writer’s block is real yo!

But as a commitment, I promised to write as much as I can just to stay in shape when it comes to blogging here.

So as I got ready this morning an idea to write a facial/body butter review based on last week’s post by my friend Shamim came to mind.

There is this product I just found out in the stores that promises to heal facial scars from acne and I was dying to use it on my face.

For the record, it’s not sponsored so this review is basically what I feel about it and my hopes about using it.

The body butter was quite smooth and gentle on the hands. I especially loved its scent because it has this eucalyptus feel and it takes me back to my growing up days.

I’ll keep this post updated on how it’s working but for now, check out these images of the product inspired after I applied it on my face this morning 😊

I want to know, would you guys give such a product a try?

What I’m loving this week:

  • Loving this pin board that is all about PR (In case you didn’t know, I also do that… #wink)
  • Are you a Pinterest lover? I have some stuff popping there every day. Check it out and follow: Denise Tuyi Life – Pinterest Profile

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Demystifying beauty through the lens of acne πŸ–€

By Shamim

I have a long list of men who call me β€˜bro’ cause I apparently act too rough and manly to be a girl. Unbeknownst to me deep down it bothers me even though most times I act unbothered. I enjoy the company of men more because girls are too euphoric for me. Their energy is overwhelming especially when they start discussing about make-up, smooth skins and men. Don’t get it twisted I’m all for energy and make-up and good vibes but I can’t handle a lot of girl energy. If I were to diagnose myself just to explore the core of my personality I’d say it stems from acne. It may look trivial and ridiculous to base ones personality on such a frail foundation but that’s just it.

In retrospect, I recall myself as a young, beautiful, confident lady who loved dresses, at some point I even swore I would never put on pants, how absurd right? I remember telling my mother to never buy me trousers for two reasons, one being I felt too pretty and the other being well, too girly, if that’s even a thing. I loved outdoors, meeting new people and visiting new places. However, all that had an expiry date, if only I knew what to anticipate, the uncertainty of life is what makes it venturesome; you don’t have to agree with me.

You know how people tell of their journey battling drugs, complex diseases and the like, well I also have a journey only that mine is not a battle but a war that has dragged on to date. It all started when I was in form two, I thought it would pay a quick visit and be on its way only to realize it was here to stay. It had a strategic plan and I missed the memo. One by one it began conquering my face starting with my forehead, I always say it moved in via the front door, one pimple after the other until my face was full of pimples, rent free, how rude right? At that time I wasn’t concerned, I knew it would be over in no time. A year went by and they persisted, victory was never going to be mine at this rate. I stopped looking at myself in the mirror, I didn’t even own one. I did what any teenager would’ve done, I helped them conquer more room by popping them and I have to tell you it felt really good. Aside from that I made a plethora of wrong choices like listening to advice on what to apply on my face oblivious to the fact that my acne was genetic and until I dealt with the root cause all my efforts were futile. About a decade down the line I’m still popping whiteheads but with more experience now.

I will not fail to mention the colossal impact acne has had on my personality. Change is inevitable right? Sometimes we choose it deliberately and become very intentional about it but I hardly noticed the changes I was making in my life. I began dressing like a boy, I had more than twenty caps mostly because I looked good in them but we all know it was to hide my face. I traveled less, marveled less at the idea of meeting new people and spoke less. My self-esteem was surprisingly intact, I still thought of myself as beautiful only now a bit timid, I think that’s when I learnt the art of levity and sarcasm. There’s this one time I met a family friend and she asked me what was wrong with my face and I told her I had been diagnosed of a contagious disease that only existed about fifty years ago, I don’t find it funny now but I smiled all the way home that day.

It is a totally different script facing acne as an adult. I was really hoping by now my face would be smooth and flawless as was presumed and proclaimed by almost about everyone in my circle but it’s not even close to okay. I know I’m not alone but that’s not what consoles me. I somehow found a way around it and I can’t say I have mastered living with acne as meager an issue as some of us take it but I have read enough quotes to know it is well. All the clichΓ© quotes on beauty is what lies inside and the world of makeup that helps conceal flaws -not that I have anything against make-up- doesn’t get to me. You define what beauty is, beauty is not determined by how smooth, flawless, and spotless your face is. So, to all the ladies who are out there facing acne, look into that mirror and address that person you see and tell her she is a gentle storm awaiting an opportune time to unveil and take the world by its horns. Also if it’s any consolation it is said by me mostly that once the acne clears we will look ten years younger.

About Shamim

Shamim is an amazing friend of mine who we have connected from the wee days of our growing up. I’ve admired her charisma and her amazing style. We have a history that can’t be explained, little encounters that have lasted for long and are always conjoining in different ways. We blend and gel so well that we have our special name for each other. She gets me and so do I, so when the idea to have collaborators join me this year came to mind, she had just reviewed my article and gave me a friendly feedback. Would you know what, the feedback she gave me was the same as my idea! I was floored!

Apart from being my friend, she’s a genius walking the streets. She writes so well and is currently taking a Masters class in some genius bio chem stuff that has me floored all over again. What I’m trying to say is, she’s a total babe with rockstar tendencies! (There are no two ways about it.)

That said, let me tell you guys and girls, I couldn’t help but grin with this post. It has in fact taken me back to my post My acne reality and I can not begin to say how impressed by her words so eloquently written. I just love this girl! Thank you Shamz for blessing my readers with your truth in such honest and precise words. Big hugs to you my hitta!

What I’m loving this week:

Thank you for reading.
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Today is #WorldPoetryDay!

I am elated and as such I gotta write a piece that is near and dear to me. I am constantly thinking and reflecting of what has happened to me and I can only relish the fact that I am able to do so each passing day.

I wonder, do you all do some soul reflections on things that have happened and hope to happen? In snapshots and small bits I find myself thinking of all the things that have happened and what I should learn from that as well as grow from that. There is a lesson in all things we go through and the best way, I am learning, is to sit down and reflect.

You could write the reflections down but when words fail you, seek to find other means to be inspired.

Today was one such day and this poem spoke volumes to me days ago and I thought it would be a great poetry piece to share with you guys as well.

Via @Refinery29

There you go, doesn’t it make sense? Isn’t it so relatable? If you loved that then I think you’ll love this next poet.

And to mark this day, I found out this amazing writer named Mark Anthony and couldn’t help but screenshot almost all the work from his Instagram. Check this grid and see what I mean, hihi 😊

What I’m loving this week:

You’ve made to the end! Woohooo! This makes me so happy!!! Thank you for reading!
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Taking Stock

You may or may not have read my previous blog Getting back to me in which I talk about a certain realization I made. This is a conversation that keeps going and making more sense to me every new day.

This week begun with some weird vibes that came my way and it felt like I was on the verge of a breakdown. Little did I know that despite how I felt, all these feelings, chaos of the heart and mind would dissipate in a matter of seconds if I allowed myself to be and get candid with people who I love and cherish. It helped I won’tlie.

I write this not lightly, but with a sober mentality to consciously take stock of all that takes place in my life.

Some tools that have been helping me do this lately which I’d like to interest you too my friends are:

a) A notebook to write my heart out (A simple one next to your nightstand would go a long way. Oh and you’re free to write however you want sans judgment and fear of being ridiculed.)

b) A gratitude app (Google it up and install it if you haven’t already, it’s a game changer. Imagine being grateful even for one thing in your crappy day? That means a lot and your perspective changes from grouchy to grateful in a matter of time.)

c) A conscious mind that always directs you to what matters most. (I use the Calm App and I don’t know how many time I’ve talked about it on this blog. You’d think I have shares πŸ˜‚)

d) Read different opinions from other authors you admire or are interesting. Oh, also evaluate those who you confide in and are real with. Break bread not friendships. Relationships matter and it’s a wise move to cultivate them as much as you can.

e) Some quiet time with yourself away from distractions and negative aura. Zone out if that’s what it takes.

There you have it. This week I’m taking stock to find what truly matters to me. Don’t know about you but to me this is one of the most important thing to do to refurbish and restore my somewhat depleted energy.

Are you willing to join me? If so let’s make this happen by going the extra mile to make things work.


Here are some images and quotes that have made me happy this week 😍

What I’m loving this week:

Thank you for reading!
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Why I started blogging.

By Josepha M.

I noticed long ago, that a restaurant’s attitude to something as simple as water can be usefully revealing. Is it socially conscious enough to give you Keringet ? Is it fancy smancy with what looks classy but with a need grace? Is it one that has hired a bunch of influencers to hype it up and had nothing else to offer? Or is it one of those ritzy places where your apologetic declaration that β€˜tap water is fine’ sees the server clang a special bell of disdain, throw a shame poncho on you and bring over a thimbleful of water in the hope you’ll be so thirsty and embarrassed you’ll eventually fork out for a marked-up sparkling water?

Restaurant reviews! Those are the things I eventually wanted to write about. Bringing a mirror to our society. And what better way to do that than through food.

One preacher once said something that has been stuck with me for years: ‘In life it is all about food. It is all about; what you eat, where you eat it, who you eat it with, how you eat it and why you eat it.’ And it made sense as much as this meme makes sense to me. I mean, isn’t it why we work? Why we do what we do. Food is life y’all!

That is what I wanted to do, share with the world through writing where food was taking me, where I was taking my food (travel) who I was eating with (People doing amazing things in society) how (knowledge acquisition, wisdom, inspiration) what (current reads, current news , politics, leadership,etc) Basically all that.

So that is why I started writing. It started with poetry ,back in my high school when my only readers were my classmates. Then after high school I found myself writing the newslatter of the organisation I was working for which made me realise that a story can’t be told with the twist and rhythm of a poem. It needs simple words and simple sentences. So I wrote stories. Then I stopped. Then I picked it up again, then off again for quite sometime. The more I read the less I wrote because I felt inadequate.

But it is a need that always comes to me.
So here we are going back to trying. As Pink says in her song β€˜you gotta try, try, try…’

Even in the era of fake news, CGI influencers and online troll farms, there remains in life some universally acknowledged truths. Your Uber rating will always be lower than what you think it should be. And at times, you got to just give it your best and hope for the best.


Hey friends, that’s my lovely friend Josepha who wrote this blog. We did a collab on what motivated us to write and my bit is live on her blog as well: Blogging: Tips and tricks I’ve learnt in the past few years. I’ve linked her blog to her name so that you can go read it as well. I really love it when my collaborators write meaningful things and share them here with you guys because every perspective is new and it has some new approach that we can all emulate and savor.

Thank you so much for being part of this blog family dear Josepha. Makes me grin so hard. Glow on in all and may your writing endeavors take you far and wide in the literally world. Stay wildly true to your writing. XO πŸ’•

What I’m loving this week:

  • My IGTV channel. Lool, l know this is a self plug but you guys, I’m getting a lot of content in my head and I can’t help but post em up. Care to check my latest? Tap on the highlighted link to my name and watch: Denise Tuyi Life IGTV

Thank you for reading!

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Getting back to ‘me’

It’s been a while since things felt normal and in control…

Like really aware of what madness was and how I needed heaven’s intervention.

When the idea to write this blog came to mind I was honestly at my wits ends. I had some bills piling up, let’s just say things have been a roller coaster oh and that was the time I desperately needed someone to love (Queen’s song anyone? Queen – Somebody To Love) Lol.

But that’s beside the point, all these happenings had me asking myself what it means to me to be myself and there are things that have cost me to lose that aspect.

So with this post a lil break from my regular blog posts I wanna share with you some nice pictures my brother took of me as I felt myself more.

With this post I hope if you feel lost and confused, that a trigger will come to you and inspire you to get back to yourself.

What I’m loving this week:

β€’ This video talking about God’s grandiose nature by Francis Chan

Thank you for reading!

✨ Peace Love Light ✨