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Everyone’s just winging it

The idea to write this blog post came to me just as many other ideas come to me. If you’ve read my posts you know exactly what I’m talking about. Hehe… Lemme tease you a lil for those of you who don’t know it yet, by the time you get to the end of this post you’ll have known the idea starter that puts this ship to sail, ahoy! πŸ€“

For now, let’s get to what this blog is all about, shall we?

Over the quite unprecedentedly long period of me not being able to write, I reached out to some friends of mine who blog and we were all in this writers’ block for the most part of last year. We either couldn’t find the words or just had the energy to writeΒ  words better yet come up with something to write.

I’ll admit, it really did suck.

Sucked a lot that I hated looking at it. The classic musician hating music or not owning any record player because the memories and stark reality at hand conflict.

I felt useless, I felt helpless.

But when I reached out to my friends, confided in them, I got to get some consoling words and shared the same sentiments back. Looking back, it feels actually good to come back to my writing path and knowing that they too are back on their mojo. Heeey friends, you know yourself, big shout out to you, and keep doing your thing.

Last evening as I was heading home and thought of the many times I wanted to compare myself to people who had ‘made it’ or rather ‘dream big’ and achieve my dreams, a thought popped up and the truth that none of us has the freaking idea of what we’re doing but are truly winging it.

Granted some were lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth (lol, yes I said that) or they worked their asses off to achieve a reality they wished to grow in but weren’t able to. To maintain the status quo, others involve themselves in things that they’d never have or stress out and forget their most loved ones who care for them with or without their gains.

Truth be told, we’re all living by grace. The same way we’re hard on others and ourselves is the same way other people are and they are trying to cope and be kinder.

I’ll admit it, it ain’t easy to be kind especially when you feel like you owe no one that element or that the other person too should show kindness first.

Lord knows that if it were up to us to offer kindness or wrath in an impulse, we’d send wrath to everyone or thing that tried to cross our path just like animals do if not some of us.

As I was looking for ideas yesterday on how to start the blog, I found this lovely quote below:

β€œI love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close. ” β€”Pablo Neruda.

Of course this is a love quote but the thing is, if we lived in a way that, however hard it is, to try and understand that everyone is going through their issues and stresses. That people do things because they know no better or chose that road because of where their mental state is.

Watched some pay it forward videos over the weekend and it really got me thinking. Even with the sincerest form of giving, kindness and the whole gamut, people still will judge you for ulterior motives. You might also be genuinely hurt or going through stuff and lash at people around you. We’re human, we ain’t perfect.

At my workplace for instance, one ill stated message can trigger me to spew words or do stuff I wasn’t prepared for.

The point for all this is to notice your triggers, address, not walk around them for fear of ridicule and stuff but just because you need to confront your inner self.

Will it take a come to Jesus moment? Will it take meditation? Will it take tears flowing freely? Will it take you hurling things and emotions out by purging or throwing things to the floor Γ  la Hollywood style? Whatever it is, be open and let it consume you. Do it for a better you.


Earlier I told you about my idea coming to me, if you stuck this long you deserve a peck on the cheek… Haha, anyway, I get most of my ideas while on my bike ride commute either to and from work/home.

Thanks for reading.

✨ Peace Love Light ✨

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Nice to meet you, again β€οΈ

Of friendships that become separated by distance. Can you revive them? Can you rekindle them? Or is it a gone case?

I like to believe that the first two questions are the best things to do. Unless you factor in bad blood and weird vibes that no longer serve both of you then it sadly is a gone case.

Speaking of vibes, I bumped into a quote that captured my eye. If you agree with it, I’d love to hear you chiming in on that. Here goes:

That in mind, I’m talking the deep, long lost childhood, highschool or post college housemate friendships. Not the often times fickle ones. The ones that have stood the test of time but took the L because distance had its toll on them.

In the course of less than two months, I’ve been blessed to meet a couple of my day ones who were visiting from Kenya and it brought a glimmer of hope.

It’s never enough to just text, I know it’s better than nothing but being with your friend, reminiscing old days and just getting to the space where growth, change, distance and life in itself has the power to make things different is a sweet relief.

The last time I was with my said friends, whom I met at different times by the way, I was so different. And so were they, and what gives me joy is seeing them grow and not be who they were when we were last together.

Life does this, and it’s the resilience and the willingness to expand and become more that is inspirational when I get these moments of reconnection.

Beyond ego, and all, seeing people you root for excelling is akin to celebrating your wins. Oh even when tragedy strikes them and you behold the new and evolved being they’ve become certainly is a jocund moment to behold.

If you ask me, accepting those factors and being okay with the awkward silences brought to light when you reconnect is as healing as anything else out there.

Granted my experience is just between me and my friends. Yours might be different and you’d have to man the doors, basically do the work that’s best for you and your besties as you hold your hand out and say, “nice to meet you again, old sport 😍”

All I can say is, nurture friendships young and old. You’ll never know when the time to part will come and when the time to reconnect will come but above all, be intentional in your friendships and helps when both you and your friends are invested in the intentionality.

That is to say, nice to meet you again my readers. Not one second do I take your time to read the words I put out for granted. May each of you, right this moment, feel appreciated through these words of hope, love and light.

Here’s a glimpse of what these reconnections meant and gladly, they were frozen in time with a click of the aperture (mind you it’s the camera phone πŸ˜‚). I play too much, enjoy 😘

PS: I tend to think about the most obscure things that you’d come to think of. Sometimes I end up with stories that capture hearts or even minds.

This for me wasn’t obscure as such, it crossed my mind on two occasions, when I met Lyd the other day I had a totally different tittle and story to tell but then it hit me that these brilliant women both but definitely separately in their own ways brought such fond memories.

From the stories we shared of growth, ups and downs of life, seeing their triumphs that were visibly showing. All these reminded me of how connections are so vital.

To you Soph and Lyd, you may not know each other as yet but both of you have brought so much sense to my mind with your Taurean energy. Big kisses and all my love ❀️

Thank you so much for reading.

Wishing you a continued blessed new year.

✨ Peace Love Light ✨

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The beginnings that end well β€οΈ

The other day I read that the time between Christmas and New Year’s is basically people asking themselves what day it is, what time it is and the likes.

Another quote I read was that this period gives us a chance to reflect a lot. That augured well to my thoughts. I mean like, how do you not get to think about all the good things we’ve been bestowed with?

Granted, there have been ups and downs, the ones you’d love to write off as ‘things that should never happen to your worst enemy, but still happened and you survived them and would rather have them buried in the abscess of forgetfulness’.

Back to my being here today though 😁, 2019, has had its beautiful beginning that is now coming to an end.

If you were given a synopsis of how it would end back in January, would you have predicted it to end like this? Much better, would you have been thrilled to see it come to an end? Or sadly, have it over with already?My two cents is, it’s been one long year, came with its ups and downs but all in all we’re here. We’re alive and still have a story to tell. One of triumph amidst fighting back the tears, hearts filled with love and doing things that bring you joy.

I’ve been blessed with such moments this past year and I’ve been reflecting a lot on how it transpired lately. It’s just amazing when you choose to focus on all the good things that come your way and see the magnitude of stress inducers lift off.

I don’t know about you, but I choose to keep an attitude of gratitude and savor each moment with that which brings joy to my soul and love from my lips to my heart ❀️I really hope 2020, a new decade coming to light, will bring you so much joy and with it fulfillment.

That this decade is an open door for memories created, missions accomplished, books well read and favorite clothes well worn. Forget not your hot or cold brew that quenches your thirst and a tummy filled with good food, butterflies and hearty laughters.

2020 be the year you solidly saunter towards your dreams with like minded counterparts/partners. Debacles won over by being your truest valiant self.

I hope and pray that our good God grants us life to see all that which He has in store for us and or our offsprings.

Happy jolly, blessed, wholesome and enthralling 2020 ahead!I’ll leave you with one of the best feeling I had the other day with people who have made my almost 4 years in Rwanda a beautiful year that overshadows all the sad Christmases I had since I moved back home. This truly has been an answered prayer ✨

Thanks for reading poohs 😘

✨ Peace Love Light ✨

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High Vibing

Happy holidays guys! Long time no put this blog to use.

If you’re still a subscriber and have waited for my post this is for you. If you ask, ‘kwani what happened to your blog?’ or any curious question as to why my hiatus took so long.

This is for you, in that, I say thank you. For asking, for your patience and even for reading the words I conjure up in a moments notice or that take forever to come to me.

This post is that one that’s taken a long minute to come to me. I’ve meant to write it, blamed my work schedule (which in part is true because Sheesh, that’s a stressor), blamed my bad year, literally blamed everything than accept that I needed inspiration to put words down.

Then as I was on a bike going home the words high vibing hit my thoughts. I tasked myself to create words albeit scattered. Oh, and I get a writing bug when I’m on a bike. I just need to follow the trail as to where it leads me to then flesh it out. Kinda curious, if you’re a writer, how do words come to you? Let me know in the comments or on private messaging.

So, with that said, what strikes you when you read high vibing?

You don’t have to answer right away but my guess is maybe today you’ll get to find out and realise that you live that and or aspire to vibe higher with those you meet.

Have you ever thought about meeting people? I did, on my ride home recently. Tried to conjure up meaning and stuff and all I could think of is gratitude for this year. If you know me you know I had a moving streak in the past 4 years that I’ve been in Rwanda. Nothing seemed to last.

I was super lonely and I think that most of the things that happened to me, be it blogging frequently, taking excessive pictures and my vlog which is a whole other story. All of these came to help me cope with my loneliness. I might have been living with people, or doing life and stuff with them but for some reason, I was still lonely.

That’s why I haven’t beaten myself as much with putting things out. I’ve had to sit myself down and shut the noises that ask for the blog this, the vlog that and just relish the great company that I am in.

I digress.

When it comes to meeting people and living together, there’s bound to be happy moments and tensions.

But if you’re lucky enough, you get to vibe with people who get you, take you as you are, inspire to be better despite your awkward otherwise loathe-able ways.

These people are a gateway or bridge if you may to your success, happiness and enlightenment.

These people make you take a moment to pause and keep a gratitude journal for having them in your life.

You are a genuinely a happier soul than you had in a long time. You’re allowed to be yourself, be by yourself and enjoy your overall journey as you associate yourself with them.

Of course in life nothing is a constant but when you do find a happy medium you’re lucky, you’re blessed and you ought to cherish each moment.

When you think you’re about to loose it with no hope at the end of the tunnel and delirious enough to go bat shit crazy, they walk into your life.

So chin up buttercup, the tears you cry out of loneliness, fear of truly living and just not being your true self will sojourn on and meet your match.

Slow but surely they make sense of their much needed presence into your life.

You grow together, you dream together and inspire each other. Best thing out of this, you don’t push your agendas on each other because together you thrive and alone you’re alive.

I mean, isn’t that what you thought all along to be high vibing? I just fleshed it out for you to feel it in words. It’s always been in your thoughts.

Can I tell you something I wish for all my friends, you included?

I wish that you find your high vibing people. You might be lucky enough to work with them, luckier to hang out with them as much as possible but the luckiest of them all, is to live and thrive with them.

However your encounter is, cherish those moments, glean from all the wisdom shared, share yours, commune with true authenticity about life. Because life is short and all you need is people who help you fan your flames as you help the ride their tides.

This post is dedicated to my high vibers who have made this year a little way much kinder to me.

Through the highs and lows, life was a kinder breeze and a breath of fresh air.

Here are some pictures that portray that feeling encapsulated in various frames:

More on my Instagram page coz that space has been underutilized save for them daily instastories. Hehe, do you watch them?

Once more, happy holidays to you and yours πŸŽ„πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰

Hope to see you more these coming Tuesdays as I’ve now decided to blog more but on Tuesdays. Ready yourselves and tell your friends to tune their eyes and minds for a good wordplay from yours truly.

✨ Peace. Love. Light ✨

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I let go of everything!

Confession: I hadn’t planned that me getting back to writing on here would take this long! I initially took a break to savor my birthday but every bit and ounce of my writing pummeled and rolled down the hill with no saving grace whatsoever! I’ll be honest with you, even now as I write this, I’m not sure if I’ll press the publish button come my normal routine or if I’ll continue with my normal routine to begin with.

Granted, it started off as a way to release my tension and relax a little but one ball of negative energy conglomerated to another and I was breathless, couldn’t catch my breath per se, couldn’t blog for the life of me. That doesn’t go to say that I didn’t think of writing, or intend to post. I have tens of blog drafts waiting to be shared. But none I’ve written so far has felt right.

I don’t know if any of you my readers are in that space right now. Or you know a friend that has had that happened to them. I’d suggest you check on them and find out. Or if it’s you, take it easy, give it your best and if all goes well, the output shall reflect.

So, just as I catch my breath on here, I wanna share with you some of the top 5 things that kinda inspired me through the way.

1. Find inspiration from around. Fellow bloggers, those I know personally or those I look up to or simply those I aspire to work with some day. This to be honest has kept your girl sane and willing to give it a shot once more. My first loves, my new found loves and the in between when it comes to my craft have brought me here, to this day, where I am typing this whole blog to put it all out like I never left.

2. Self belief… This is tricky, of course I know I can conjure up words and make sense when all is said and done but for the most of these past months, I’ve been hard on myself and how my next post should look like or be. I sucked at being my biggest cheerleader which I’d say is one thing I’m good at. But in a nutshell, get back to believing in yourself. Rooting for yourself and generally doing those things that make you believe in you again.

3. Trust the process. Period! Maybe the message you are sent to share, inspire or push for those you influence is not yet ready. The entire being in you could will something but if the time, the space you’re in or your mental frame is iffy, no matter how hard you push when it’s time, you’ll know.

4. Get in the space where you’re most creative, useful or productive. Begin from there. I’ve found for me being by myself, gives me a chance to wander the crevices of my thoughts. Sometimes rashly, with a lot of unrequited emotion and most definitely angry at myself for not bringing my A-game. Then sometimes, it’s all love, all kindness and triumph knowing that if I could go through this, maybe I have a story to tell and maybe inspire someone else to hang in there when he/she feels alone.

5. Feel it all. The disappointment, the shame, the fear of the unknown, the joy of writing one paragraph and scraping it off and then the courage to give it one more try.

These and many others have led me back here. The drawing board. Where I am most me, most alive and most creative.

Oh, it’s not only my writing that ended up suffering, my health (been eating badly and it affected my overall well being), my relationships (new and old) and most definitely my self worth came to a screeching halt if I can say so myself. I couldn’t even tweet or Instagram as much as I used to. I occasionally peeked in on Facebook but stayed active on WhatsApp and maintained a good head as I strived to stay afloat. Oh and did I tell you I moved houses and switched jobs more than I’ve ever done in just a span of over a year?! Well that too happened.

So clearly this was more than one element falling apart but my whole being sort of standing the heat that she wasn’t sure she’d endure thus far.

Looking back now, I would say, I was one dumb girl to think only my charm and forced writing would squiggle me back in form rather than Divine provision and intervention, seeing, conjuring, receiving and becoming becoming love overtime and most importantly an undying passion of what I do best β€” writing!I won’t divulge more on this post so as to save your precious time, and give me more content for next posts hopefully so I’ll leave this article here.

I would like to share however before I go, some pictures that helped bring me back on the appreciation curb when I veered in the aforementioned road of agony.

Here goes the pictures thanks to my awesome colleague and friend, Dennis :

Thank you for taking your time to read this post 😍❀

…and as usual…

✨ Peace Love Light ✨

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Art Appreciation 🎨

I just fell upon an Instagram page that has these amazing art works.

Yo! @acronewsofficial has these amazing art and I couldn’t resist sharing it on here for you who appreciate art 😍

I got to screenshot some which made me smile and that which was so relatable 😊

Enjoy these 😍

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you for joining me this week 😍
πŸ’« Peace Love Light πŸ’«

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Body Butter Ghee For The Face

I honestly had no post scheduled for this week.

The writer’s block is real yo!

But as a commitment, I promised to write as much as I can just to stay in shape when it comes to blogging here.

So as I got ready this morning an idea to write a facial/body butter review based on last week’s post by my friend Shamim came to mind.

There is this product I just found out in the stores that promises to heal facial scars from acne and I was dying to use it on my face.

For the record, it’s not sponsored so this review is basically what I feel about it and my hopes about using it.

The body butter was quite smooth and gentle on the hands. I especially loved its scent because it has this eucalyptus feel and it takes me back to my growing up days.

I’ll keep this post updated on how it’s working but for now, check out these images of the product inspired after I applied it on my face this morning 😊

I want to know, would you guys give such a product a try?

What I’m loving this week:

  • Loving this pin board that is all about PR (In case you didn’t know, I also do that… #wink)
  • Are you a Pinterest lover? I have some stuff popping there every day. Check it out and follow: Denise Tuyi Life – Pinterest Profile

Thank you for reading.
πŸ’« Peace Love Light πŸ’«