What’s love?

What’s love?

I know this post comes a day late for #ValentinesDay but just in time for my weekly blog so get your reading eyes ready and let’s roll this out into a beautiful love tapestry.

The moment this topic came to my mind I literally had a million things come to mind and the old school songs with similar titles popped in my head. Good thing I just know their lyrics and didn’t have time to Google them so by the time this piece is out there will be zero plagiarism if I may say so myself 😜

A little love artwork I made out of love.

Seriously though, the question ‘what’s love?’ is the most ambiguous yet so simple question depending on where your heart is. For some it can be a game, a feeling, a remedy, a crutch, an idea created by some hopeless romantic, a Deity, a belief, a way of life, a disappointing reality that ends up with tears and broken hearts stop me if you think I am a little overboard but clearly love is a whole lot more than just a single day for a certain demographic of people.

Spritz of water on plastic flowers.

It takes true and honest soul-searching but most importantly believing that there is more to love than just roses, chocolates, and flirty texts messages in the middle of the night. It is more. For what it’s worth, love is a matter of the heart.

If your heart is in the right place, accepting of who you are as an individual and willing to go the extra mile of loving the next person as they are you are bound to make strides untold.

The icing on the cake is to know you are loved and known by a God so vast He took his time to create you, your look, how you feel and the various people you will meet and attract. He made your soul so beautiful to attract equally beautiful souls in phases of your life.

There is so much peace and beauty in this image I had to put it in this post.

I am not just talking about romances and all that jazz, I am talking about business partners, classmates, workout buddies, neighbors etc.

To me, love goes far beyond the twosome you and your bae are to a way you live and radiate your life as a person.

Truth is, it’s never easy to live that way.

Image via Instagram

That’s why it’s critical to seek love in the right places and the only right place I have come to believe isn’t in others, or feelings or things for that matter but from God–creator of all things love and the buffers around love. Be it patience, kindness, joy {the fruits of the Holy Spirit} all these come when you have fully accepted that you, on your own, cannot radiate love as it were without the help of the one true God of Love.

So my question to you is, what’s love?
Chime in as we seek to live and be love daily πŸ’–

Peace, Love and Light ✨


Life’s a journey πŸ›£

Life’s a journey πŸ›£

I like to take little walks to clear my mind and just think. Be at one with the core of who I am and just enjoy what is around me as well as play some of my favorite songs as I walk.
It’s a slice of heaven for me when I can walk and truly get an idea or inspiration in the little nuances as I spot.
So yesterday as I was walking, an idea to write a blog post about viewing life as a journey came to me.

Weathered roads always reveal beautiful truths about life.

First things first, do you view life like a journey too?
If you do then let me share with you my perspective and if not, let me paint a picture of it as I see it.

In whatever weather, you will are bound to grow stronger if you stay persistent.

For years now I haven’t thought much about why I always view life as a journey until yesterday when it became crystal clear as I looked at the roads I use and the thought of the way I have lived through the years.

Keep going, you’re doing great.

Take a second and think the 5 people you knew growing up that weren’t family how many have stayed with you?
Of course it depends on the proximity you have to them. That said, as life unfolds certain people will join you as you traverse along. Some will stick and hold your hand if you’re lucky they will even help guide you.

Image found online of sisters holding hands (courtesy: google search-sisters holding hands)

If not, this is your journey so by all means seek proper guidance and for me I like to seek God/Higher Power.

There is peace when you have faith in a God who holds your hand and guides you. (Courtesy Image from the Internet)

It’s not easy when you’re alone but it’s always great to seek others with better endurance to help you in the way.

Reach for those who want to journey with you. But if they don’t, walk alone. (Courtesy: Google images)

Granted you will also find wayfarers who might pat you on the back, jeer you or just not notice your existence. It takes courage and determination to walk past them and focus on your destination.

Gotta love a paved road that shows beauty can be found if you look deeper, closer and however you seek to find it.

Also it’s okay to look back to be grateful of how far you’ve come but not to feel guilty of the past mistakes.

You create memories along the way, savor and reminisce about them but let them never stop you as you journey along.

Happy journey dear friends, let’s walk hand in hand with those who our paces are synced with πŸ›£πŸ‘«πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬

Peace, Love, Light ✨

How to make Oat Pancakes πŸ₯ž

How to make Oat Pancakes πŸ₯ž

So today being a holiday in Rwanda I decided to make something a little diffrent just because it’s a relaxed day.

You know me when I hear a healthy way to make food I’ll go all the way in to try it.

So this time, on Tuesday to be exact, my colleague who loves healthy foods mentioned to me to try making oat pancakes. I was intrigued because first, they are gluten-free(the kind I use) and also they make a satisfying meal to say the least.

I then decided to make when I got free time. Today, seemed about right.

Behold, my version of oatmeal pancakes, as reimagined and recreated the #DeniseTuyiLife way.

3 Ingredients Pancakes πŸ₯ž.

You will need:

|Ingredients Γ— equipment|

2 bananas (adds the sweetness you’ll love)

2 eggs (or milk if you like it)

2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon (or spice/dried fruit/nuts/seeds you like)

1 small cup of oats (I used quick cooking GF oats that I had in hand)

Olive oil/butter/oil you prefer (I used olive oil)

1 for/egg beater/whisk/mixer

1 bowl for the mixture

1 pan/skillet

Serves one obvi 😁😝

Let me take you through the process of making this oh-so filling new favorite meal with images I took earlier today.

Enjoy 🍴πŸ₯ž

First take two bananas, slice them in small pieces.

Mash the bananas till they are soft enough. Also, it’s not yellow per se just the effect of the camera flash.

Then add some cinnamon to add a little flavor and spice to it.

At this point add in your two eggs and beat the mixture for a minute or so. It helps if you have a beater/mixer.

After you see a froth(bubbles), now for the fun part–add in your oats.

Mix it all together until it’s a thick consistency you like.

When your batter is ready, let it sit for a few minutes until it’s thick enough. This helps especially if you want a thick pancake batch.

Now for another fun part, in a pan set on medium heat, your preferred oil ready, pour your batter in sizes you like and cook till brown.

Keep checking to see if they are brown enough and have cooked on all sides.

Turn until you feel that that’s the right shade of brown you want to serve it with.

Serve and take photos if you may… Ahem!

And another shot if you don’t mind me. Also this part you could drizzle with your favorite drizzle say maple syrup or honey. I preferred none of that since the bananas made it sweet already.

And there you have it! Add in your favorite tea(drink) and voila! Breakfast is served!

Look how thick the pancake looks! Irresistibly yummy that I can promise!

Can you tell I munched them within seconds? Reason being, they were that good!

So there you have it friends, oat pancakes nice, easy and yummy to make. I’m making another batch soon that I can promise! And if you too recreate your own batch after reading this, tag me so that I can give you a shout out.

Thanks to Justine for making me a believer that oats, can indeed make great pancakes πŸ₯žπŸ˜

So to all of you, I wish each and all:

Peace. Love. Light. ✨

Care for some #Tea?

Care for some #Tea?

I am not a huge fan of caffeine but when it comes to #tea I get a little more excited than I’d normally get. Thing is, duh, tea has caffeine, so definitely I take it all in like a guzzler would. But the kind I like better doesn’t have caffeine per-se so follow along to see what I mean.

1. Green Tea

I love my green tea sugar free, you could add some honey to sweeten yours if the taste isn’t your preference
Is it me or do you guys also write notes to yourselves?

There are days I’ll wake up with a dire need to stay sane and since coffee gives me the shakes; I opt for the more healthy and beneficial tea. Green tea. Full of antioxidants and a wake-me-up kind of twist, this tea has healed, woken and helped this sistah maintain her weight!

You know it’s a real deal when it can both wake you up and cinch that waist like it’s no one’s business.

For optimum benefits I take my GT sugar free but you could start with honey to taste.

PS: I am actually sipping some of that goodness as I write this post πŸ™‚

2. Infused Teas and Regular Tea

My favorite tea bags and ground cinnamon because y’all know it’s healthy!

I bumped into these teas accidentaly. You know the way you rummage around supermarkets looking for something new, to explore and give a try? No? Okay, maybe it’s just me. So this time I got excited when I read the contents of my first package, spiced tea and it had all the necesarry ingredients for spiced tea. And if you know your girl, convinience is all I’m here for. I tried the tea and I was hooked. Next up I tried their sweet peppermint and my word it was better then I went to the fruit infused kind and this girl is never turning back! I am yet to try all the teas in this brand but when I do I’ll let you know.

Which brings me to a crucial point, this post is not sponsored so these are very personal reviews of teas I’ve come to love and cherish.

Honest to goodness, I’d recommend you to try them.

I tried the Ketepa brand (a Kenyan tea brand) with infused fruits in it but the taste of these teas beats them by far. I have pictures of them on my twitter account somewhere on @DeniseTuyiLife.

I have tried other teas such as Lipton’s and the likes (don’t have the pictures though) so no bias here. It’s all about trying you know so in future I might land on a tea that will blow my mind so be sure to see that one too πŸ˜‰

You know the way black tea is called, strong tea or sturungi or mukaru depending on where you are from? Well I like mine strong but sometimes when I am running late even a mild tea would push me to where I need to be.

Here are some of the images I’ve taken overtime and a video with my currently favorite hot mug!

I like my tea sweet and fruitful… Lol, so I add honey to taste. How do you like yours?
Fun fact, you could take this tea as is with no sweetener as it is already sweet! How cool is that!

So guys, there you have it. I loooove tea that much. If you know any that I should try let me know in the comment section below β™₯

Goals be like. Image via (@greatist)


PS: After much consideration I have decided to be blogging on Thursdays so be on the look out for my blogs. Also catch up with me on my vlogs here. Please subscribe and comment with what you like about the videos. I will appreciate it.

Peace, Love and Light to each of you.

I ate bread for the first time in forever.

I ate bread for the first time in forever.

Not that kind of bread you are thinking though.

Let me put you up to speed.

For years now (about 3 to be exact) I’ve stayed of wheat which is a common ingredient of most breads widely sold.

Reason being, I’m gluten intolerant meaning eating anything with gluten- a protein found in wheat and certain foods- automatically sends my body out of whack. In short, it affects my small intestines. A medical issue that I won’t address today.

I’ve survived on other non-gluten eats and it’s really interesting how many options there are especially here in Africa. All you need to practice is a strictness when you go out, visit friends who don’t know your condition and sometimes turn down certain meals because your health matters and when your flare ups come calling you (not your friends) will suffer. In all honesty, it’s a delicate dance between being social or coming off as aloof.

When I first saw a gluten-free bread in a store here in Kigali I was intrigued. I had read about them, researched on how to cook them but never actually tasted one.

If you consider intrigue the reason to buy the ‘loaf’ hoping that’s what they are called πŸ˜†, then the pricey tags they come with shouldn’t scare you. But if you want the entire truth, I wouldn’t advise you to buy it on the regular like you would buy a regular ‘daily bread.’

My tip to save money and still have a healthy meal by you is to make your own bread or buy other alternatives that leave you satiated through and through. Also, keep looking, you are one step closer in finding a healthy go-to meal-in case you don’t have one yet.

Honestly, I never thought I’d ever write about bread any time soon. And if you ask my family me and bread were pretty an inseparable growing up until I got the autoimmune disease I mentioned above.

You can imagine how giddy this girl was when I read ‘gluten free’ on the package as I checked out in that store. Sheer bliss coupled with intrigue!

Here are the images and different angles of the bread I tried to capture, dig in!🍴

PS: The bread is from a German gluten -free company SchΓ€r and according to it’s details and ingredients it’s a wholemeal bread.

Will keep reading to find any side effects and update you accordingly. Although I wasn’t affected at all when I ate the slices.

Thanks for reading!

Of EA travels and double dates

Of EA travels and double dates

When Jesse my boyfriend suggested to visit Kampala, I was both excited and scared at the same time. Excited because I’d get to be with him and spend time together. Scared because that means spending time at his best friends house and didn’t know what to expect as Kampala was a fairly new place I’d ever been to.

To my glee Frank and Sarah were nothing but the best hosts and humans. They made our stay in Kampala quite a memorable experience. I can’t pull a serious face recalling β€˜fororo’ and the catchy β€˜pangea’ quote from Lil Dicky’s Pillow Talking song πŸ˜‚.

For long distance relationships it’s really about maximizing the most time together but this time round it meant sharing that time with people who made Kampala home to my beau.

Believe it or not I struggled with the idea but would you know, I ended up falling in love with every little bit, nuance, and the very essence of our stay in Kampala. The double date included and all.

I see why people love Kampala now. The warmth of its people, the tasty meals and definitely a place you are free to express and be yourself without a fear of being judged or ridiculed.

What I’m trying to say as someone who spent 4 of the most incredible days of my holiday getting to know Kampala and falling in love with it is that travel can open up scopes you never imagined and enrich relationships if we let it.

From the traversing through the nightly terrain of no-sleep Kampala and meeting easy going people, eating Wandegeya delicacies and various Ugandan eats from places I can’t properly recall their names to experiencing their travel system that is very different from that of Kigali the Kampala I experienced was a really delightful treat. The cherry on the cake was spending it with the incredibly amazing Jesse and my new found friends of his β™‘

Here is a bonus video of the double date crew aka kiss squad in KLA:

Until next time; travel, laugh, love and be willing to learn.✌

How to find a roommate and have a blast at the same time

How to find a roommate and have a blast at the same time

Before I get a little mushy in this post I’ll first put the facts and towards the end get my emos about my favorite roomie out here for y’all.

This post should have been out sometimes early last month and preferably last week… But with the closeness to my heart I let it first sink in. I had to feel it. I had to remember. I had to get in touch with my sentiments from the moment it all started.

Who am I kidding, this post is definitely going to be a mushy post so brace yourselves since you’ll be reading about the world’s greatest roommate ever!

First things first, I need to introduce you to my roomie and choom choom Sophie! Don’t get me started with what a lucky score I got when I became roomies with her.

She’s down to earth, thoughtful and very smart that one! I don’t know very many people who pursued Physics and lived to tell it… Hehe, jk.

So here is a list of what, and why you should consider getting a roommate at least once in your adult life.

1. Get to know why you need a roommate

Well to me and my roomie it came out of necessity. Me because I really did need a roommate and her because she was somewhat bored to stay alone. You could say, it was a chance, if you may match, made in heaven.

Before we decided to move in, we conducted interviews to get to know each other. As cheesy as it sounds it really did help in knowing each other a little more.

2. Be willing to want to have a roommate

Before I got to meet Sophie I had tried so many friends to join forces and be roommates but it either didn’t sit well with them or myself. But the thing with Sophie, it gradually grew and to be honest, I can never be more proud I found a roommate in her.

3. Reach out to friends who know of someone that needs one

Well for me it wasn’t friends who made us meet but my highschool friend and a fellow all girl’s group chat bestie, Miriam, who did the intro. She just wanted us to hang out and little did she know she was hooking us up for memorable days ahead. So, thank you so much Kamso. I owe you big time. XO

4. Be open-minded, you can learn so much

If I’m being honest, I’m a creature of habit so when I got to move in with Soph, I decided I’d do something different and be spontaneous. I had just quit my job and I had hit rock bottom so spontaneous was definitely THE best person to be. I learnt a lot. I appreciated different things better. I even stopped hoarding certain things! Bonus, I know listen to reggae music with ease.

5. You become a better human if you let it

Before sweet Soph, I was just an okay person used to living alone. When we lived together it made me want to be a better person overall. Let’s face it, sometimes you need a second person to tell if you’re tripping or give you the nudge and better yet celebrate with you when you hit that mark you really wanted to achieve.

I could go on and on about the tips but honestly it all trickles down to me being extremely grateful that I got to spend 4 awesome months with a lady I never in my whole life dreamed I would be roomies with! Fun fact she was my first roommate ever in my adult life and I would repeat that again with no hesitation.

To you Soph, thank you for being the best roomie ever and making my 2017 a much bearable year as you sparkled and shined your life with me πŸ₯‚

Unlike me who got to get my roomie a little later in my grown up life, I hope you find a roommate that complements you and makes you want to live your best life now. If you were (and or are) fortunate enough to get one in campus, good for you! Good roommates are rare finds! Appreciate them πŸ’–