Home Style

Home Style

Over the past month I spent my days at home. April for those who don’t know yet, happens to be my birth month, hello fellow Aries birthmates πŸ‘‹

While there my little brother turned my official photographer took the pain of taking my oh-so many poses. 

I am a hill billy, country raised girl and so taking pictures where my heart beats for and with the people it beats for the most was well worth it.

Besides, what’s a girl to do than #CarpeDiem all the single moments God, favor, time and good fortune had bestowed me 😊

So here are some of the many pictures I thought to share as I seriously take this blogging gift I have to a more consistent level. (Not an easy feat but hey, I’ll try it just because I have readers like you 😍)

Old walls are a great show when you want to show off your eye makeup, don’t you think?
Cause that’s the mantra you sweet reader of mine 😊
Oh the feeling of the sun hitting you on the face after a cold day in.
This felt majestic in some way
Strike a pose, Vogue
Looking deep into your soul
All that green made me want to swim in it
Look forward to good things 😍
Nappy hair for days
The aesthetic made this look so perfect for me.
Braiding grass 🌾
The vastness of where we stay has always felt like home and is actually home
Stole my sisie’s clothes for this. Loved the outcome 😁
My momma’s plants came to show off too. How lovely
‘Cause black is beautiful
Country girl hats are amazing πŸ‘’
Au naturel no make up just a fresh face
Y’all I have the most hilarious brother on earth! He makes me giggle like a girl! He also takes cool pics of me so I am just a lucky big sis πŸ’•
The sun is out! Yippee πŸ™ŒπŸŒž
Sun hat in a shade of brown
Almost blew a dandelion there 😁
As the sun set, bro decided to take some night pictures. Here goes 😊
The flash at night made it hard so there were so many blinks before this shot came to life. Ouch my eyes 😎
Night shots are cool

So there you have it friends, that was my at home style during my birthday month as I experienced the vibrations of where I am from πŸ’•

My Acne Reality

My Acne Reality

Some acne pops on the forehead and I edited this one for the brightness to dazzle 😁

I am going to be honest with you guys because what would this blog be if it wasn’t about honesty?

Well, if you have met me you know I got them adult acne scars and pimples. 

When I was younger I had that just perfect smooth face- when puberty hit and so did the little pops flare up. At first it wasn’t that big of a deal (it still isn’t right now though, you’ll find out that shortly). Then in high school it became an issue.

I would enjoy bursting them or flaking off the old dry ones, sweet right? Well apparently I was causing colossal damage in the long run. Who knew that innocent bliss had its repercussions. Mama warned me, friends warned me but I couldn’t resist. Sweetest taboo if you may πŸ˜‰

The scars stayed and so did the insecurities. My mom is a believer in healing from natural ways and so our first try was with the aloe vera plants that grew at home. And try did I. The yucky part of it all is that it tasted worse than it healed me. We tried all she knew to a fail. Thing is, these were excellent remedies but my headstrong self couldn’t let me be tamed to doing one thing days on end. I jumped from one remedy to another.

In high school almost every girl I know used a cream called “nice and lovely” I opted for the Ayurvedic one because of the ‘natural’ elements it had. Still it failed.

I tried all the treatments out there. Trust me when I tell you that because a friend once advised me to use my pee and surprisingly Google search has some success stories on the usage. Cringe!

Yes I even tried the famous chickpea flour, milk and turmeric combination to my chagrin.

As cringeworthy as it looks (tongue out, kissy face and all) I believed this was the remedy of all remedies. You should have seen how worked up I was whenever I missed using the ‘remedy’

Most of my pictures posted on social media are airbrushed to rid those ‘unsightly’ marks at least that’s what I have structured myself to believe.

Granted there are success stories but this chica here had to do much more than topical remedies. It was deeper than what these arguably impressive remedies had to offer.

One thing I forgot while in pursuit of better skin was what I was eating. I ate anything just because it was edible. I didn’t consider my skin in all of it and turns out the damage cut deeper as I grew older.

I used Google and trustworthy sites to learn as much as possible. I started eliminating certain foods and would go back to them as soon as the craving sparked. Sadly, I ended up making the proverbial one step forward, two steps backward.

Until recently when I was on a weeklong detox period did I fully commit to enough is enough! I now know my triggers and I have promised myself not to eat them.

A good friend of mine Josephine Mpore, owner of Maka & Yura Spa- who is a lifestyle coach, told me to stop eating certain foods and see how it goes. She went ahead and prescribed a cleanser, toner and moisturizer package that suits my skin type.

Using these after a clean meal of eliminating triggers has really paid off.

She also adviced on drinking unsweetened green tea to cleanse me from within.

So nowadays I go for non comedogenic products that help unlock my pores and drink plenty of water unlike previous times.

Took this yesterday. So far so good.

So there you have it, my acne journey. It hasn’t been rosy and I don’t think it will ever be but one thing is for certain, I am not pulling my hair trying to heal the skin but I’ll let nature take its course while I strive to eat well, and be well.

Foods that heal acne and those that trigger it

Peace, Love and Light to each of you my friends πŸ™‚


To brighter clear sky days πŸ™‚

They say it comes when you least expect it,

You know that flowery experience whatchamacallit,


Yea, that they say and truth be told it rings true,

Waiting for the right time to stand and be by you,


In the field of grandeur and avarice it’s hard to find,

What many have coined the proverbial peace of mind,


But in the end when you can stay sane in the midst of life’s blur,

And talk like you’ve known each other for long and all’s at par,


An ode to this stud



You can be stylish and not rob a bank while you are at it.

Well at least that’s what I am trying to showcase with
 various outfit posts I will be posting in the coming days.

This series is something I am lately inclined to. It’s going to focus on thrifty ways to dress up and not feel like the clothes are poking holes at your whole being for being a spendthrift.

So without further ado, let’s go posing.

The clothes and accessories are below 5$.
In the boardroom showing that you can be casual smart but not have robbed a bank to stay afloat with the corporate’s who’s who.
Get comfy. This outfit was not one of those stressful clads to wear all day. Sometimes when I am so tired I sleep in my work clothes, embarrassing I know but this I would have slept in it if the odds happened.
Give yourself another break and strike a pose ’cause slaying comes at a time you never thought it would 😁
Now in case you haven’t noticed those stilettos this is your chance. These babies also were not hefty at all. After bargaining for a little bit 5$ was what they ended up costing.
Hair and makeup by me so clearly I didn’t make my pockets bleed for this little project of mine πŸ™‚
Me being the director so that we can get the best shots was caught gabbing away πŸ˜‰

So there you have it folks. You don’t need a lot to make your style impeccable. 

All you need is bargaining power and a keen eye for what your body looks like in them. 
All the photos were taken using the camera Phone by my colleague Andrew Kazibwe who gets my ideas and captures them occasionally seasoning them with his brilliant ideas.

That’s it for now folks πŸ™‚

Stay safe and until next time,


Movie Review: Ben-Hur

Movie Review: Ben-Hur


Ben-Hur Poster (Image from Google)



A big howdy to all you who read my blog.

So this whole week I’ve been thinking on what to write on the blog that is both interesting and also reflective of the year. Fat chance I got to watch a movie and fast forward I thought to myself why not write a review.

Armed with my pen and notebook I jotted some of the cool stuff I would love to share with you on this blog.

Don’t mind that handwriting. It was done in a hurry (Also don’t tell me I’m the only one who has a pen and paper while watching a movie- OK, I might have over done it)

Mind you this is my first review although I have verbally done so a countless times before. That said, I will put my quips here and there and of course no spoilers for those who are yet to see it. This is just my way to intrigue you and get you to watch it.

But before I start, the internet is full of the negative reviews it got also the fact that it didn’t do well on its release day (which was in August 9 this year). Just so you know I read those reviews after watching it so that it doesn’t spoil the show for me. I don’t regret that at all because it saved me a whole lot of heartache.

A fun fact is that this movie has had 5 adaptations and is originally from a book Ben-Hur: A tale of the Christ by an author Lew Wallace.

That said, it’s reeltime if you get my drift πŸ˜‰

I am a sucker for intrigue and so when the opening scene starts with a race between two brothers Judah Ben-Hur and his adopted Roman brother Messala Severus. At first I thought it read Masala like spice but I was wrong, I digress.

We are taken down an 8 year road of themes that range from faith, debauchery, fear, love, triumph, pride, reunion, suffering, liberation, revenge, loss, oppression, forgiveness and miracles.

Be sure to grab a tissue or two as it is an emotional roller coaster. You feel what they felt, and to me that counts as a well written/played story.

The brothers have a tight knit relationship and Ben-Hur’s father having been rich adopted Severus at a young age and raised him as his own. The family wasn’t the traditional homestead as Ben-Hur married the maid servant Esther, while Severus fell in love with Ben-Hur’s little sister Tirzah. Although Ben-Hur’s mother didn’t seem to like it at first, making Severus to find his own fortune.

Several years later Severus is rich and a celebrated ruler. But as things turn out Pontius Pilate is angered by the work of Zealots and wants them dead as he comes to the town only to be shot by an arrow from one of the Zealots that Ben-Hur saved to the chagrin of his soon to be estranged brother. After a frucus arises the whole of the Ben-Hur clan is taken in and a lot of casualties are left behind.

This marks the beginning of Ben-Hur’s suffering as a slave in the galley. By hate, according to him, he triumphs and makes it back to civilization.

After being rescued by a rich African named Ilderim played by Morgan Freeman, he plots a revenge on Severus who it is said had Ben-Hur’s mother and sister killed. Esther his wife who survived the ambush at their house is the sole relationship Ben-Hur has left. It’s later revealed that the mother and sister were sentenced to a slow death suffering from leprosy.

It’s the faith that Ilderim has in Ben-Hur after seeing his need to revenge that gives the protagonist a chance to run the race rather than kill Severus and get killed himself. Ben-Hur proceeds to cut his mane in getting ready for the race.

The main scene and my deduction as the central part of the story is the chariots race. If you love horses and their speed you are in for a treat, equestrian bliss if you may. I found it fascinating that the horses were black for Severus and White for Ben-Hur to express their relationship at that time.

The cast was impressive and one Esther played by Nazanin stole my heart. Her beauty and purity evoked the kindred spirit we all long in a movie. One quote to her husband stuck with me and it goes: “We’ve been given a second chance, spend it on hate and you’re still a slave.” This she said when her returning husband told her of his revenge.

Another scene is where Jesus the carpenter exudes a miraculous aura when he gives Ben-Hur water as he is sent to the galley to work as a slave. The same scene is when Ben-Hur tries to return the favor when Jesus is about to be crucified only to whipped. In the midst of rage he tries to grab a stone but Jesus stops him and says it is His choice to die on the cross.

If you are like me you’ll watch the movie till the end just to see the credits (that’s how I knew the right spelling of Messala and that Morgan Freeman’s character wasn’t African but Sheik Ilderim.) Also I like to listen to the soundtrack and just discover facts of the movie. Like this one was filmed at the archeological site of Villa Adriana in Italy. It also helps me see how many people it took for that movie to be successful. There are other facts that won’t come up in the credits and that’s when searching the internet comes in handy. I do that too.

So there you have it guys, first film review and some take home ideas I got from the whole 2 hours Β and 4 minutes of this reel creation. It was an easy to follow storyline so you won’t lose the message, just stay keen and observe.

Forgive me if I spoilt the movie for you but I had this idea to be subtle which I’m the end seems like I have given too much. My bad or is it thank me later πŸ˜‰



Tonight he sleeps cold

From this view I see a homeless man too drank to even sit straight.

On his makeshift bed of carton and well worn blanket he lays sound asleep unperturbed with the rest of the world.

Today someone gave him a few ‘reds and he sipped his worries away.

He didn’t mind walking to his ‘abode’ staggering. He knows it’s his solace, his palace if you may.

This moment he is the King. And no one can make him feel inferior tonight.

As the streets go to sleep and the shivers come to haunt him, he will curl up in an infant position and cover his body tight in the blanket.

To him, poverty is when he can’t drown his sorrows away with his favorite ‘suruduwire’ liquor.

Maybe one day the liquor will make sense to quit and live normal but normal is overrated.

Tonight with no place to call home and no one to call family he sleeps despite the mosquito bites and a strong urge for warmth.

Disclaimer: I felt like doing a piece on this guy who shall remain anonymous because he honestly loves to work for his drinks and although he is homeless that doesn’t stop him from working odd jobs to cater for his whims and survival. He is a loner traversing earth with a hope to stay alive.

Confessions of a serial silent self-loather

Confessions of a serial silent self-loather
As vast as the big plains are should the love you have for yourself be equal. It’s all fun and games till you hurt yourself deeply and no one can ever mend it. You are a gem so take care of yourself accordingly.

Hey you there,

Yes you with the svelte look tonight. That body hugging little black dress you frequently put on to see if you’ve gained weight or not. I see you.
You that looked like you had something to say but your voice among the numbers felt like a Lilliput in the face of many Gullivers. I hear you.

You who seemingly will fall head over heels for someone who ‘pretended’ to ‘care’ for you just because you have felt ugly all your life… Thinking no one can ever ‘really love you’. I bleed for you.

It takes time to heal, it takes time to accept moreover it takes time to relearn how to love you.

Don’t take it for granted that you have those troubles with yourself. You are not alone. The deeper self in you is waking you up to face this eternal anathema tΓͺte-Γ -tΓͺte.

Maybe tomorrow you will love better. Be better. Smile better. Do better. But it has to start today.

Promise me you there will love you warts and all, ’cause that will bring an exuberance untold in my heart of heartshearts πŸ’•

Just like these woven baskets at a display, learn to love who you are. Your beauty and flaws are meant to compliment you and connect you with those you meet. It matters to love who you are!