The elephant in the room


She smiled so hard to be recognized but all she could get was a blank nerve jerking response. Her fear was ultimately put to light… Was she the elephant in the room? Yes, she figured. Her presence in that life she had always dreamt for so long became a nightmare she wanted to run away from without getting all the unwanted stares and glares…
Wanting to belong she made up a false image that only her and her inner self knew too well as a falsity to encompass the increasing attention she got from everyone she met…
First up she took to make up, it worked but then again everyone started pointing fingers(in their brains) at her… She felt their daggers… She felt their pricks! It hurt what would she do? She wanted to turn into a mouse so that the only stare remaining was from Tomcat but that only made matters worse…
Oh, well people will judge you! They will put name tags of you in the archives of their brains but dear soul that reads my blog, should you ever be tempted to feel pity about who you are, how you look what others think about you, please be soft on yourself… Every person I know is undergoing something too intricately unnerving to let out but still moves on.
My point; Do not be afraid to be who you are! Life is what it is ☺
C’est la vie ☺


4 thoughts on “The elephant in the room

  1. Being who you are is how you find yourself. Others people’s definitions are not nearly as important as God’s. For in the end…everything shall be Spirit…as it was in the beginning… ~Tuyi….I like your style it is piercing, heart warming and compassionate…please know that I pray for your continued release of emotion through pen…you’re quite good at it. Christ be with you.


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