A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do!

From around the net (actually Urban Dictionary)

It never occurs to me how and why my heart keeps yanking itself all over the place in the vast big world of Love.
So, with a Carrie Underwood(I am a huuuuge fan, FYI) playlist performing it’s charms on me as I write tonight, I have been thinking. Thinking about how sometimes some things feel wrong yet right at the same time like when you fall in love with someone and know without a doubt that they are the one, then after it’s been a while later, you think to yourself about the famous “what was I thinking”-kinda thoughts…
It’s torturous I must admit! But after all is said and done all there is to it is loving yourself more. It doesn’t matter how far in too deep you went into that relationship or how platonic it went. The heart ripping experience that comes as an aftermath is so unbearable that quenching it in self-love proves to be the only remedy there is!
And I am talking about the love of self that embodies you wholeheartedly and makes you safe enough to ever love again when that thought comes back again! Love is a beautiful thing… It’s magical yet so unquestionably painful when it is with the wrong person.
Well I have been reading quite amazing literature out there and as an African lady certain things are taboos to even talk about yet so real than we could ever find words to express it. My faith, my culture, my personality et cetera has been quite hard to express all my angst I have about this thing called love and with this medium I hope I encourage one more soul to not be fearful of letting their dissatisfaction out, rather to be open to pour out their hurts and in the right time, with the right person, love shall surely find you and you will blossom!