Respect is a two way street.


Since it’s #WCW in the Instagram world, I feel inspired to write something about my favorite species this side of Sahara. (Guys, you are allowed to read and share with the women you care about{just in case you thought of stopping the read} ☺)
Well, first and foremost I have had so many women around me since I was little and since I am female too, I don’t know what else to do but write on who I love being most!
Not digressing from the title of my post, this life is all about respect. I really admire women who respect themselves enough to attract the respect back. Life could be better to any girl if all she ever did was use the proverbial Midas touch on to herself and accept all that she is by embracing the fact that no matter what, warts and all, she is a masterpiece from our Creator- Gold if you may.
I know there are a lot of women self-help quotes out there, but until a woman is female enough to realize that she has the power inside of her being to change what she loves  to hate and love most(and to many of us=Our bodies). Until then, her life will be an unforthcoming, unfulfilling journey that will forever be a hindrance to her spiritual growth albeit her entire demeanor…
So dear girlfriend, wherever you are whatever you do. Take time and respect yourself enough to respect yourself! So many women are setting those bars high, you better follow them and get inspired and live a life you ought to be living by being yourself and the vibrations you exude from your self-respect will resound to all and sundry.
It’s a small post to celebrate all the sweet women I know, and those I am yet to meet. Happy #wcw sweetie pies. You are loved.

(A little background info: I have been to an all girls school for most of my highschool and I have an affinity to all I met there… They celebrated me and I did the same, we understood each other and that is what crowns why I love being female! It is incredible to be one!)
Kisses to all of you my readers… Have a great day, night or evening 💞



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