Raw Love.


Ever felt a word tug at your heartstrings and refuse to let go? Well today I have experienced one such phrase rather. That title up there just can’t leave me alone! Ha, funny how this happens to me until I write it someplace in my journal or wherever possible. So today it feels good to share this word to my good friends up in here ☺

💞  E N J O Y 💞

Love that is raw can be felt regardless of whatever force of nature drives the receiver. Found in many aspects of life; like the realness of a dear friend and heartfelt hugs from a cute kid or whoever melts that sometimes hurt-and-afraid-to-reveal-your-real-self-to-others heart.
To some you are yet to encounter such love that is so pure and no matter how hard you try to deny it, and to others you experience it day to day… It can be consciously or subconsciously. Nonetheless all that it brings is a change of heart and change of mind.
To some they lives have a turn around to others it gets mundane and trivial as days go by due to stressful factors around them. It gets better when fully received in it’s pristine form. Undiluted and sincere full of immaculate splendor can that love pierce a heart that is frozen.
This type of love sometimes can be appreciated but later on be thrown away like something that never had a life… Or it can be stored in the far corners of the heart never to beat because someone somewhere took advantage of it and shook you to your utmost being…
Well enough with describing this love already, you might say… Hihi, okay then… Let me tell you a little bit of my taste of this raw love.
I feel it every time good music plays, meet and talk to genuine people, good food, peaceful places(less chaotic) and clean rooms . Cheesy as it may sound, I honestly get it from those particular areas and rare as they are I relish moments that provide such chances.
Raw love is when I get to recount memories like the ones I share with my family and what God has done for me.
It really is a privilege to have these raw instances of love… They may be bouts or little pieces but when you experience them on such days, try to take them in and engulf yourself in that moment. Be in awe with what love can be. Enjoy it like you would a cool breeze on hot sunny day. It is worth it ☺

PS: There is one real raw love that surpasses all… The love of God, He loves you so much that even if your heart is hard toward Him, He will change it to a raw heart towards Him and all around you. You only need to surrender to His love.