I squeezed my last


If you have met me or stayed with me for awhile now you must know I have a problem with pimples. I love to squeeze them… But for a clearer skin sake I have stopped, hard as it is so far I am making progress. It’s taking so much self-will to make it happen but the fruits will show in a few months.
Ok, away from me and my tiny pathetic little problem, a few days ago a friend of mine and I had a candid chat. Sort of intimate chat if you may. It’s not a rare thing to do when am with her because we are that kind of girls who never tire of telling and retelling our dreams and thoughts. Her fears like mine are not to fail at doing what she loves most, not to hide her pain even if it is the most appropriate thing to do and to never miss her chance at fulfilling all she has ever dreamt of achieving by shining more light to as many people she meets.
Sure as a blink, she has had her share of ugly black paths to walk through and not so blissful encounters with people, who she thought were friends but turned out into lifelong foes. Foes that really to her were a hidden disguises of her mistakes… So tonight she squeezed her last ounce of hate to any of them. As we gazed at the stars and the moon in the seemingly cold grass she screamed(Gladly we had our coats on) “I hate you no more!” Naming all those that hurt her she yelled at the top of her lungs. The good thing about living in the boons you are at liberty to do all you want, the only thing you might attract are the roaming wild hyenas in the vast Maasai country. Oh, and the passersby or angry neighbors miles away trying to catch up with their favorite T.V shows.
This was just a silly exercise we decided to do to make our night spontaneous…
Many people have struggles with people, your best way may not appeal to others but if that exercise makes you free from that snag then by all means do it!
Share it below too; I’d love to do another exercise with my friend some other time. We will appreciate it ☺
Peace friends 👋



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