Nzoia River

Dry lips from the endless wind blowing on her face, for a second you think she has had nothing to eat in a long while. Dirt fills her shoes as she walks past the majestic tower that is viewed by many as a shelter from the hot scorching sun. Today she had no worries of that ruthless sun glare… She just walked as if she was possessed with a good spirit full of joy despite her setting. Her skirt flowing freely and dancing to the medley of her meticulous sway and the constant whiffs of the wind causing a crescendo of unprepared melodies as she walks.
She walks past a group of boys and steadily does a flippant stare at the ground so none of them sees her face. A quick shiver runs through her spine when she hears her name from the boys, “Katrina!”  They hollered and catcalled as usual. She ignored them and continued to walk as gracefully as she could. Trying not to meet any of their gaze, she made it past the whippersnappers of her small hamlet. At the corner of her road she met up with Vance, her longtime admirer-who was too shy to tell her.
“Today I have to talk to Katy!” Voices in his head clouded his mind she almost passed him by. Gathering his courage, he stepped out to the dirt road leading to the river. The river where Katrina went there to cool herself off especially on a parching day like this one… Vance met up with her and gave his best shot at wooing Katy, who seemingly fixated on going to the fresh misty untainted atmosphere,  gave little thought in talking to him. Acquainted from the fact they lived in the same village they had little facts about each other so miss Katy sauntered on leaving the bruised Vance cursing at his lack of words to express his emotions to Katy. Oh well, there’s a next time. He thought. Meanwhile Katy was at her most serene place to be, enchanted by the aura of beauty in a chaotic neighborhood. For awhile she had a utopia-esque escape from reality. She knew she and the river, dirt road, hot sun and the sheer chance of living in this sweet old boonies she had grown to endear so much was her way to bond with mother nature. She felt royal whenever she hit the road to the river. She felt revived. Like she was in a fairytale or a dream. Who knows what magic lay beyond her dreams and fantasies.
As for dear Vance he knew she was special and wanted to show that to her, though he put his foot in his mouth every time he tried to.
At least he tried.
He continued his mission to love this sphinxlike lady… Admittedly he was flustered whenever he wanted to talk to her, it felt like he was in a space different from her but that didn’t deter his mission. In his mind she loved him and was scared to reciprocate it. You know how people are, rumors spread, and he wouldn’t love Katy’s name tainted. He consoled himself… His was a Knight in shining armor love to this country princess. He had a special connection to her unfathomable by mere denizens of their back country.

{{Hey guys! Hope you love this piece I just wrote. Initially intended to title this story “Of Frogs and Princesses” in allusion to the classic Princess and the Frog but changed it later because I felt that it didn’t quite fit well… Anyways hope you like it. If you do, inbox me on social media, comment below or whatever you wish to do, tell me if it’s what you guys like or give any suggestions (I love them, they keep me going☺)
So tell me what you think… And don’t forget to share if you like it.
Peace ⭐
XO ❤}}


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