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Hey wonderful people. I was thinking on what to post before the year ends and a tug at my heart urged me to write on uplifting words from the dictionary in an alphabetical pattern. They might not be all the words there are in the universe to address the need to be uplifted but they are worth it… I love poring through the dictionary in my downtime and it’s befitting that I share with you what I found, in form of a prayer specially for you my amazing readers. So here goes:


May this year be of Auspicious realities to you and all you meet. May an avalanche of ideas and provisions surround you as the year progresses.
May you be Bright-eyed in all you do in brio and vim.
May you Create a moment to savor your surroundings, the cadence of life and the joys it brings.
May the Decisions you make give you a sense of direction and desire to do more than expected.
May you Emulate those that are wiser and of age before their ideas and efforts evanesce into oblivion.
May your Foresight through faith in God be the frosting on the cake as the year unfolds so that in hindsight you will have learnt more as you forge ahead.
May you Gravitate towards your passion, gifts, and strengths acknowledging and seeking God in all you do.
May whatever negative situations and people Hurl at you brush off not hindering you from your goals.
May your Invaluable services, ideas, and actions draw businesses to you.
May you have the Joie-de-vivre and a jocund mood as you deal with life’s daily demands.
May the Kindness in your heart and the enterprise in your work leave no room for kvetching.
May all that you Long for bring you lucrative opportunities and ideas as you lift those beneath you. Don’t forget to listen in love.
May you learn from the Moguls in your field and beyond as you build your own business as a magnate yourself.
May Nonexistent fears of the unknown and not doing anything as a result never cross you your mind!
May you be Open-minded as you encounter the opinions of others and your own.
May you be Prudent in your daily activities leaving out the presumptuous notion that money comes to they that are corrupt.
May your Quintessential goal in your quest for success be that of enriching others and leaving the place you are better than you found it.
May you Render the rarities about your journey from the critics, null as you realize the wild reveries in your heart of hearts.
May Surreal occurrences surround you as you remain in awe of what sheer belief and trust can do to they that surrender their all to the one Supreme being, creator and ruler of the universe.
May your Tomorrow’s bring sunshine to your struggles of today.
May your Ultimate goal and dream be rid of ulterior motives but rather for the utmost good to all and sundry.
May Vain and vague people in your life be exposed as your value for veritable friendships grows.
May your Worth be in who you are as a person and your wellbeing be in your awareness of your spirituality.
May all you deemed as X’s in your life yield in being the X-factor that propels you to higher heights.
May all you Yearn for be a yearlong fulfilment as you traverse the course of 2015.
May your Zeal to your passion and love for the good of all you do and encounter drive you to your zenith.
{Finally, may your tenacity give you a sense of satisfaction, as Pollyanna of this wish for me this is I sincerely hope that all will be hunky-dory when we tell 2015 adieu…}

• Blooper: Ha, hope you like this cliché sounding prayer of mine. I tried to make it as genuine as possible and that right there is what I conjured.
• Note: In the Finally segment above, those words in bold didn’t cut in the list so I decided to squeeze them in coz I loved their life in words…
• Honestly: My wish for you all is a great new year full of great lessons to learn and to grow from. No one has it together but don’t forget that joining hands with others gives you an upper hand in all you do. When all is said and done may your will to conquer be more than your fear for the unknown. May the odds be in your favor.

Happy New Year 2015!
Denise T.

Image via @Kb_hga (Instagram)

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