The Pause

Screenshot via Instagram

See this is what happens when you make friends you talk and tell each other who you are, what you love doing and the likes; sometimes they leave, sometimes they stay. Bottom line is: Real friends no matter how far they are from you, the next time you meet again it’s going to be a surefire icebreaker just from the word go.
It doesn’t require rocket science to feel the aura of true blue friends as real recognizes real. So today am dedicating this story to a friend I “re-met” and I felt a kindred spirit as we talked… Like we never left each other’s company. Enough of me… Let’s get the story (fiction) rolling!

Daisy lay on the grass reading a script for her new role in a small movie she helped produce. She loved how every word in the script flowed. She couldn’t help but smile every time a word rolled in her mouth as though it was one of those yum meals she eats at the hotel she stays in. After awhile her phone rings, she answers it and is somehow perturbed. She lifts her stuff and walks straight to her room, aimlessly throws all she has in her arms on her bed, straightens her messy hair and checks her phone and puts it in her rugged jeans. She remembers today she has to leave her clothes for laundry. Unfazed she locks her door leaving the ”DND” card on  and heads to her studio just a floor from her room and picks one of her artwork, something about fair maidens in African regalia to symbolize royalty. With that she locks the door and leaves to get the cab.
Today she has a lot on her plate, one particular client has an order and she has to show her the work Daisy has to offer. All this while the actors group she helped form is going to visit an orphanage of small children with Aids. A lunch meeting with her manager to discuss her new role in the movie. Then later on go touch up on her latest painting. After which she will go for a sunset walk as she takes bird photos for her wildlife project which is the main reason she chose to stay in this hotel due to it’s proximity to nature.
For now miss Daisy is walking towards her lunch meeting, having paid and tipped the cab driver… And here… Here is where she is stopped, courteously, by someone.
Ken was a friend she had made a couple years ago and due to work and other calls of life, they lost touch. Her perception of him was that of a worthy friend and when he taps her on her elbow, he has her full attention. She always has a lot of respect for anyone that is cautious when touching her. That aside, she was surprised to see him. In her wildest thoughts she never expected to meet him especially in that specific place. Head so doused that she had thirty minutes to her planned meeting, she carefully chatted with Ken for the few minutes she had left. Good thing it was just a block away so they strolled as they chatted the minutes away.

What I am saying is that, there is quite a bond that comes into play when you meet up with someone you haven’t met in a long while. The one you ‘pick up from where you started from’ kind of bond. It’s incredible… I hope you find such type of friendships. I am lucky and grateful to have some like that!

Peace my readers.