They Did It Afraid


Wanting to fit in they clamored for space in the eyes of their friends. Running, squeezing and oftentimes scratching to get at the top of this eery debacle that left a decadent image in the sore eyes of the one they wanted to please or rather to fit in. Their standards marred by their need to impress. So they settled for something less than their full potential.
Growth, maturity and a reality check “later” their little hearts shattered into pieces for trusting too much and eager to please “every Mae, Molly and Maude”. Those plastic walls of protection and safety they built got burnt in the fiery proverbial Phoenix rise. Their self belief unfazed by their occasional self doubt… Here a revolutionary mindset overpowered the need to fit in but created an innate drive to trend set…
It is until you are fed up with mundane and mediocre living that you are really alive, they say, and until you can fearlessly stand for what you believe are you ever going to influence others.
For the good of all may your desires and dreams be driven to step out, fearful or not, and make a statement. Let your fear drive you to achieve that which you want. Don’t just give up for the fear of the unknown alternatively do it afraid. It is by that simple drive can you truly make a difference… Let fear propel you instead of inhibit your potential in all you do.

Have a lovely March friends!


♦By “later” I don’t mean a few days, it can take a lifetime
♦ “every Mae, Molly and Maude” is a feminist version for every Tom, Dick and Harry.