Dear River


Hi friends,

It has surely been a long time since I last wrote a piece. I hit a hiatus and many events came afterwards and I could not write as often as I used to. But now I am back and I promise to write more. So I just want to thank you guys for your patience and comments while I was gone. You are the real deal.

Back to business. This small marvel of nature has really piqued my interest of late. Mainly because I walk besides it daily but also because of the vibe I get after my solemn night walks too. Here’s hoping I have done justice to the river and all its qualities.

DISCLAIMER: I do not worship the creation, I worship the Creator. This is just fun and games. Little dash of creativity. Have a splendid read and keep your girl company with your amazing comments.


Slowly you whisper at the ear that wants to hear, “I can lead you, do you trust me?”

Oh River you flourish whenever I pass by you. The magnitude of your rushing power and the calming soothing soliloquy that you pose are proof of your unending oxymoron. By night when all is calm, your grace and splendor fills the hearts of those connected to you in their hearts.

When the rocks beneath you are not as grand and mighty as those behind you, and the flickering lights of the moon fall on you, my heart melts. The dark shadows and the lighting contrast, gives me comfort. You know that moment of silence, yes, that time when only the crickets beside you are the ones trying to prove a point that we don’t want to hear. And the frogs in the far away shallow water are trying so hard to audition for the natural chorus. It’s OK, they can sing from a distance. As long as we care, we have a connection that transcends the “noise”.


The company we keep is surely what mama would be proud of. Yes sometimes I feel like stripping off and jumping head on into you but then I remember the boundaries we set. Respect each others space. Fall in love with the aura we exude. That and the fear of drowning have me at bay. “Ha ha!” you may laugh, but it is what it is. This is the kind of friendship we have formed.

Dear River, I appreciate you. Someday we will explore where you give bigger life. Where they call you source though we both know the hills give you life. The ideal symbol for “We receive to give”

Tonight I wonder what the experience will be. Especially because last night our friend the moon joined the conversation.

Maybe we will be silent. Or we will smile. I know what we will do! We will jump for joy in our tickers! Yes, that’s what we will do. We are beyond the confines of what friendship is all about. We are best of friends.


PS: Yesterday 20th July was International Friends Day. The kinds of friends a writer keeps edify him/her. I am so glad nature is one of those catalysts of edifying me.

Have a beautiful day, night, morning or evening wherever you are. Peace.