Flower Listen

TuyiDee Photography

Take time and smile, see dear friend you were once a budding flower now you are fully blossomed. When you were just a bud you felt like you weren’t the coolest bud ever. Now you have blossomed and feel like you just but a mere fat flower that needs more color, more pomp and less foliage to be the crème de la crème.
Imagine today that one day you shall wilt. You shall become old and wrinkly. No one really will stare at you as much as you would have expected. You shall want to revert yourself into a bud but that will be too gone a dream. All the days you had spent cursing the green unsightly bud you were and all the times you hate being a glorious flower shall matter no more. So dear flower, enjoy the state you are in. You never know what the phase you are currently in can produce.
Oh the days when the flower collectors will come and see you as you live in your domain. Oh the enchantment you will give to those that pluck from your bounty. Dear flower, never miss a moment thinking of another phase that will come with its challenges as well.
Live. Seek Contentment. And Be Proud of Who You Become. Breathe.
~Tuyi Dee Writings


My debut at print journalism!


Safe to say this is my debut! I have a heart that is all over the place when it comes to emotions at this moment!
Honestly, will cherish this one for a long time.
Go check my débutante stint! Can’t wait for many more steps to keep striding.
I am overwhelmed and I can’t thank my editor one Berna Namata for believing in me and giving me this platform! It is so opportune a time to have given me this golden chance! I can’t forget my Tessi K for cajoling me to follow my dream and giving me the heads up for going all in and finding my voice. Thank you for your belief in me without barely knowing me. I love you so much!
God you are good 🙌

Writings By Tuyi Dee p.cred #nCyrilPhoto


Rain Drops fall 💜

“Rain rain fall on us, beautiful city wants your touch. Come and wash our city clean as we long for fresh days soon.”
-My rendition of the popular children’s nursery rhyme about rain.

A hill that was washed by rain ©Tuyidee
Puddle of water after the rain ©Tuyidee
Raindrops on a flower ©Tuyidee
Clouds between two hills. ©Tuyidee

This was meant to be a pictorial but since the rain send an overcast darkness afterwards I could not take as many pictures as I would have loved to. So I will tell you a story instead 🙂
The past few days before the rain fell was so dusty, foggy and plain old ugly. But when the rain touched down and swept the dirty aura away something pretty happened what was once gloomy shimmered in the bright rays of the setting sun. The wind cooled off and the environment was new and clean again…
OK, honestly speaking, this is not a story and by now you have a little hint that my love for nature is quite something else… I just wanted you to catch a glimpse of what I am currently enjoying. To me, this is magical. The smell of dust that is rained on and leaves that have been kissed by the rain give me the heebie-jeebies  in a good way!
I plan on posting more pictures of rainfall on this blogspot so keep checking it out and if you like what you see, share the blog on social media or re-blog if you can. Will appreciate it. Also, I have a new blog site at blogger called Travel Dee Lights so you can check it out too and tell me how you like it plus give me some tips you would want me to include…
See you soon…
Peace, Love and Light to you dear friend :)💞