TuyiDee Photography

Take time and smile, see dear friend you were once a budding flower now you are fully blossomed. When you were just a bud you felt like you weren’t the coolest bud ever. Now you have blossomed and feel like you just but a mere fat flower that needs more color, more pomp and less foliage to be the crème de la crème.
Imagine today that one day you shall wilt. You shall become old and wrinkly. No one really will stare at you as much as you would have expected. You shall want to revert yourself into a bud but that will be too gone a dream. All the days you had spent cursing the green unsightly bud you were and all the times you hate being a glorious flower shall matter no more. So dear flower, enjoy the state you are in. You never know what the phase you are currently in can produce.
Oh the days when the flower collectors will come and see you as you live in your domain. Oh the enchantment you will give to those that pluck from your bounty. Dear flower, never miss a moment thinking of another phase that will come with its challenges as well.
Live. Seek Contentment. And Be Proud of Who You Become. Breathe.
~Tuyi Dee Writings


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