It’s #MCM on Instagram guys!!! To some it’s Man Crush Monday, others Man Candy Monday but a few of my male readers are in the Man Crashed Monday. So last we spoke I talked about writing a male sequel to  the blog post But you promised to love me because a few of my male readers asked me to give a male perspective. I cooked a little something for you guys and I hope you like it. Let me know in the comments below. Like. Share and spread the word 😁
Here goes:

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When you refused to give me your number, something they call “playing hard to get”, I worked so hard to impress you. My bass that had you secretly fall in love was my weaponry. You loved it. Your body language confirmed it. Plus the muscular features I have worked wonders I could only imagine. Time flew and I had you by my side. I couldn’t believe I had you. When you whispered my name in my ears, “Damon” it was the most ethereal feeling on earth to me. I felt accepted and I wanted to do more. It’s amazing what a wink and thoughtful gifts can do.

Image via Instagram

Even though you disliked certain parts of your body I let you know you were perfect for me and they were loveable because you owned them. I called to check on you and that satisfied my heart in ways that only a true lover can understand. See the parts you vehemently detested gave me a chance to let you know how valuable you are to me.
You told me you kissed a lot of “frogs” and hated that the love you needed was not reciprocated and I decided to prove to you that not everyone is a “frog” but some of us are princes in need of a princess like you to reverse the curse that has long encaged us.
Your fear for public affection seemed ok at first. But when you posted on your social media networks snaps of you and other dudes, I was appalled. Was I not worth a feature in your art gallery collection? I wondered…
When I sent you love notes at work with the peonies you so loved and you would immediately call and ask what I wanted and why I sent the flowers, that hurt so much- Heartbroken. To me deep down, I knew you were aware of the immensity of my love for you. To this day I wonder was it hard to reciprocate? I wanted to make you happy but you were so caught up in doubt and playing me that you couldn’t see it.
I regret. I regret the time I spent trying to figure out what was wrong with me that I forgot to realize all along the one with an emotional scar was the one that shoved me to the pit of self hate and an emotional drain.

Image via RealTalkKim

Note: I am female and these don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of guys… This is just a little trial because I think some guys experience it but don’t say it out loud. Hope I put a point out though. If you feel like a relationship isn’t serving you right then by all means know your value and the only way is by being by yourself and learning to love yourself. No matter how uncomfortable it is try to value your me time and your experience will give you a boost to give love and receive love. It’s a proven fact.

To love and be loved is the gift that every soul desires in this journey of life.

Peace. Love and Light to you friends.


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