Hey!!! Today is my 2nd year on WordPress!

Yaaay! 2 years! Thank God!
Yaaay! 2 years! Thank God!

And it’s Thursday too, as is common practice here, we have a special time. We blog about things 🙂 Things we love, we think about and want to do. I could go on and on telling you what we do but let me cut the chase…

So today as I write this I want to thank God really for helping me push things I thought were obstacles but turned out to be blessings. And I want to thank my newest readers, the fact that you like and follow my page gives me joy that what I do is worth reading.

So as I was pondering on what to write for you this week I thought why not share with you guys a weird (for the movies) kind of story. Was walking home at night when this idea popped up by the way… {It will be a two-part story also(scene if you may)} So grab your hot choco, coffee, green tea or whatever makes your story reading quite comfortable and let’s roll:

Gwendy on the move

Scene 1:

Walking down the terrace with her phone by mouth Gwendy presses the record button and begins singing some of her creations. Doing this is one of her favorite things to do. She has over a hundred records of herself singing her impromptu ideas and plays with the idea of one day releasing her records.

Rhythms just flow from her soul and she sings out of an abundance of melodies in her. To herself she considers music as a soulful delight that should be savored in all its entirety. She enjoys these moments when all she does is sing… Buses pass, motorbikes, cars, people pass her as she saunters on en-rhythm.  Nothing really bothers her. She does it every day. I mean she is walking on one of the safest streets in the World!

Today, she feels like she can make the biggest stars in the music industry gloat over her magnificent notes. A flicker of light. Unusual she thinks. But keeps on walking unperturbed with that little mishap. Street lights go dim. And dimmer. All of a sudden she thinks it’s her mind playing tricks and keeps on walking… Boom! Street lamps seem to shatter! A reverie she never imagined she would ever live. She holds her bag and phone close to her chest and she walks faster. Adrenaline rushing she tries to look if there is a place where she can hide or cross the road safely. Safe, yes, safe is the only thing she is thinking about. As she looks at her phone to call home the lights come back abruptly and all she could ever think is call her mommy!

Meanwhile as she is frantically scrolling her phone someone from behind grabs her and causes her to lose balance… That’s when all hell breaks lose.

Scene 2:

She’s just a lady with as much lackluster as any girl you have ever met in her teens. Nothing special, nothing beautiful. See her acne has had its share of stares than her rear or bosom ever did. She sometimes wonders what would happen if she were the proverbial “flawless” that is widely marketed on ads. The road to her home is mostly deserted few people pass by there. Plus she is new here. Not so many people know her. She is basically a stranger. Down the road she walks.

A strange looking “ordinary” guy walks up the road and before he gets closer to passing her, he falls down. She looks around her and no one could have possibly tripped the guy… Afraid for her life she turns to cross the street and on the other side she walks on. Another guy walks towards her and like the previous time he falls right before he can reach her.

Scared and alarmed she stares blankly at that guy while managing to look at her surrounding only to see the other guy that fell before stand up and scream pointing toward her. Ghost! Ghost! He then runs of like he was in a trance.

Still not believing she walks to the nearby shop window and she looks at her reflection. I am still normal. She quietly thinks to herself. Then she walks back to where she was and finds the guy who had fallen gone. With an air of nonchalance she walks on.

Steps later a young lady approaches her direction but passes by her… She just waves and says, good evening and everything is normal. Two guys come by and try grab her purse but end up having green slime on their faces. Miraculous! She thinks. She hurries home in a guise not to meet any other person but before she can reach home she turns to look back and wham!

Hey guys… That’s my little narrative thang I had in store for you… Hope you liked it.

Lemme know what you think in the comments below.

Peace to you all 🙂



Image via Reese Witherspoon's Instagram

Hey all…
I’m so so sorry I didn’t deliver yesterday. I got held up and couldn’t for the life of me steal time to send you something. So I decided to make noise for you this morning before leaving my ‘chambre’…
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