Frogs in the river.

Quite a well thought blog post! I recommend this.

Of Life and women.

Bob Collymore, CEO Safaricom just got married to a smart, beautiful independent and driven woman but that’s not why I am writing this post today. Everyone gets married at some point. George Clooney broke so many hearts when he married that Persian woman(the lawyer) and we moved on from it. The prince broke hearts internationally when he married Kate and we simply stopped giving a rats ass about him. I did not even know Bob was single to begin with. I am writing this today because all that most mediocres picked from that amazing union was her tribe, the fact that she is alleged to have children from her previous relationship and her skin color.

First of all, single women out there are the strongest kind of women anyone can be with. Single independent women for that matter. They have learnt to be their best kind of women and role…

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