Your table was set but you hurried to gobble up everything. (TuyiDeePix)

See the days you knew what you needed have been long gone,

Dead and gone to be precise,

But you my darling was so quick to jump into,

That fiery furnace you thought was the way,

To go to that so called ‘wild romance’,

But did you think for a second that loving you and being by you was that taxing?

I remember you crying- saying why did I chase the wind,

Trying to prove to my thoughts critics that I had what it takes…
Hmmm, today, maybe today…

You will learn to smell the roses, coffee and the whole gamut that is set afront your table sweetheart.

Yes, a table set up with you in mind so that you can savor each of everything there.
You my friend have come to learn that waiting was never that bad, albeit the hard way.

Stop. Breathe. Forgive. Forget. Forge ahead.

Even though the scorching sun replenished your source that doesn’t mean you will stay parched for long. (TuyiDeePix)



11 thoughts on “If only you could wait

      1. Yaaay! I like that. Thanks so much for this feedback 😊
        It helps and gives me joy to read this 😊
        I am currently in the same boat too 😊


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