She was running from her demons

Hell she knew how far she had come from,

She dribbled with the chaos of her young life like a shuffling dancer would,

But until yesterday she had blamed,

Loathingly habored rancor in her deepest of hearts,

Seething with fiery red eyes whenever she encountered herself,

In her most vulnerable self-away from pretense of her somewhat mundane life,

Oh how she ran.
It is today, maybe just a couple of minutes ago has she decided to,

Well, you know accept that all this running and dodging isn’t helping,

Like to be honest, she just wants to take her flaws and embrace them warts and all.
Tomorrow was never promised but she ran as if it had her name on it,

She kind of forgot that what she made of today would culminate on to the morrow,

So today, today she will face her tormentors head on,

And maybe, maybe then will she walk gracefully,

She has yearned for this all her life.


I have fallen in love with flowers (TuyiDeePix)
An unquenchable love to have as many flowers 🌸 (TuyiDeePix)