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Why I started blogging.

By Josepha M.

I noticed long ago, that a restaurant’s attitude to something as simple as water can be usefully revealing. Is it socially conscious enough to give you Keringet ? Is it fancy smancy with what looks classy but with a need grace? Is it one that has hired a bunch of influencers to hype it up and had nothing else to offer? Or is it one of those ritzy places where your apologetic declaration that β€˜tap water is fine’ sees the server clang a special bell of disdain, throw a shame poncho on you and bring over a thimbleful of water in the hope you’ll be so thirsty and embarrassed you’ll eventually fork out for a marked-up sparkling water?

Restaurant reviews! Those are the things I eventually wanted to write about. Bringing a mirror to our society. And what better way to do that than through food.

One preacher once said something that has been stuck with me for years: ‘In life it is all about food. It is all about; what you eat, where you eat it, who you eat it with, how you eat it and why you eat it.’ And it made sense as much as this meme makes sense to me. I mean, isn’t it why we work? Why we do what we do. Food is life y’all!

That is what I wanted to do, share with the world through writing where food was taking me, where I was taking my food (travel) who I was eating with (People doing amazing things in society) how (knowledge acquisition, wisdom, inspiration) what (current reads, current news , politics, leadership,etc) Basically all that.

So that is why I started writing. It started with poetry ,back in my high school when my only readers were my classmates. Then after high school I found myself writing the newslatter of the organisation I was working for which made me realise that a story can’t be told with the twist and rhythm of a poem. It needs simple words and simple sentences. So I wrote stories. Then I stopped. Then I picked it up again, then off again for quite sometime. The more I read the less I wrote because I felt inadequate.

But it is a need that always comes to me.
So here we are going back to trying. As Pink says in her song β€˜you gotta try, try, try…’

Even in the era of fake news, CGI influencers and online troll farms, there remains in life some universally acknowledged truths. Your Uber rating will always be lower than what you think it should be. And at times, you got to just give it your best and hope for the best.


Hey friends, that’s my lovely friend Josepha who wrote this blog. We did a collab on what motivated us to write and my bit is live on her blog as well: Blogging: Tips and tricks I’ve learnt in the past few years. I’ve linked her blog to her name so that you can go read it as well. I really love it when my collaborators write meaningful things and share them here with you guys because every perspective is new and it has some new approach that we can all emulate and savor.

Thank you so much for being part of this blog family dear Josepha. Makes me grin so hard. Glow on in all and may your writing endeavors take you far and wide in the literally world. Stay wildly true to your writing. XO πŸ’•

What I’m loving this week:

  • My IGTV channel. Lool, l know this is a self plug but you guys, I’m getting a lot of content in my head and I can’t help but post em up. Care to check my latest? Tap on the highlighted link to my name and watch: Denise Tuyi Life IGTV

Thank you for reading!

πŸ’« Peace Love Light πŸ’«


Denise Tuyi is a creative, who has a penchant for writing and everything visual. She loves reading wild, family, faith, music, healthy living and traveling among other new, old and acquired beauties nature bestows on her. Photography, an acquired hobby that piqued her interest to create, is her driving force which she enjoys doing all the time. Mantra: "Peace. Love. Light"

2 thoughts on “Why I started blogging.

  1. I am also a blogger and i do understand her when she says the more she read the less she wrote, this is actually the story of my life. anyways i loved this post, it’s funny how different kind of intentions can lead us to a some destination(a paper).

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