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Taking Stock

You may or may not have read my previous blog Getting back to me in which I talk about a certain realization I made. This is a conversation that keeps going and making more sense to me every new day.

This week begun with some weird vibes that came my way and it felt like I was on the verge of a breakdown. Little did I know that despite how I felt, all these feelings, chaos of the heart and mind would dissipate in a matter of seconds if I allowed myself to be and get candid with people who I love and cherish. It helped I won’tlie.

I write this not lightly, but with a sober mentality to consciously take stock of all that takes place in my life.

Some tools that have been helping me do this lately which I’d like to interest you too my friends are:

a) A notebook to write my heart out (A simple one next to your nightstand would go a long way. Oh and you’re free to write however you want sans judgment and fear of being ridiculed.)

b) A gratitude app (Google it up and install it if you haven’t already, it’s a game changer. Imagine being grateful even for one thing in your crappy day? That means a lot and your perspective changes from grouchy to grateful in a matter of time.)

c) A conscious mind that always directs you to what matters most. (I use the Calm App and I don’t know how many time I’ve talked about it on this blog. You’d think I have shares πŸ˜‚)

d) Read different opinions from other authors you admire or are interesting. Oh, also evaluate those who you confide in and are real with. Break bread not friendships. Relationships matter and it’s a wise move to cultivate them as much as you can.

e) Some quiet time with yourself away from distractions and negative aura. Zone out if that’s what it takes.

There you have it. This week I’m taking stock to find what truly matters to me. Don’t know about you but to me this is one of the most important thing to do to refurbish and restore my somewhat depleted energy.

Are you willing to join me? If so let’s make this happen by going the extra mile to make things work.


Here are some images and quotes that have made me happy this week 😍

What I’m loving this week:

Thank you for reading!
πŸ’« Peace Love Light πŸ’«


Denise Tuyi is a creative, who has a penchant for writing and everything visual. She loves reading wild, family, faith, music, healthy living and traveling among other new, old and acquired beauties nature bestows on her. Photography, an acquired hobby that piqued her interest to create, is her driving force which she enjoys doing all the time. Mantra: "Peace. Love. Light"

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