Bring It On

Hey, so lately, there is this wave of change that has sort of maxed, jazzed and most definitely thrown a curveball at me lately and words can’t seem to be enough.

Today, I write this blog not because I feel the most happiest, saddest or confused as yet but because despite it all, I am taking each situation coming my way with grace, hope, peace and joy knowing that God’s got me. Hence the courage to say, Bring it on!

You may notice I have changed the theme of the blog as well. So much change is happening to me and I’d really love to document it all as much as I can and any moment

These two quotes have spoken volumes to me. This one;

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. –Jimmy Dean

And this one by a very influential writer to my growing up days after high school;

Every human has four endowments – self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change. –Stephen Covey

I also took a pause on my YouTube channel to figure it out and I talk about it all here Denise Tuyi Life YouTube Channel.

Enjoy my happy pictures taken by my friend Denis and le bro Japh as well some selfies from my Snapchat account tuyidee and other friends of mine…

Love creating and doing digital marketing and I love it that I am evolving and seek to fly higher.
Despite my back facing the camera, I’m always happy and captivated by nature.
Feeling mellow yellow…
Pure joy to me is smiling and meaning it, knowing that brighter days are ahead of us. Shot by The Japh
Now pose, now werk.
Pink and bling
Pops of color by the pool.
Chillen by the pool. Shot by Jessie G.
Snapchat bliss
Model behavior
Selfie at the salon
Different filter, different pose, same mirror background.
Underneath the pretty tiny lights 🤩 Shot by Deni_Ray
The shooter becomes the shootee… #BadPuns
All good here…
Sun kissed, happy and contented.
Blending with them puffs.
See thru.
Drink, and pose…
Ah to be engulfed by the lake breeze…
Feels so good!
To think or just to pose?!

There you have it, thank you for reading to the end. It’s people like you who make me want to do it more. Make sure to follow the page, comment below on how you intend to embrace change if you are going through one.

💫Peace Love Light 💫 your way, now and always.


What’s your passion? (What to do when you are disappointed…)

Ever start the week with high hopes only to have them thwarted because life has a funny way of being itself?

So this #ThankfulThursday I just wanted to put my best foot forward by beating disappointment to its rightful place, the moving on corner!

Yeah I said it. The moving on corner is where disappointment belongs and I’ll add ‘swiftly’ because the moment you linger on longer the more it’ll try to creep in because again, life.

So yeah, move on swiftly, with the right attitude and heart contentment. If you’re strong you can do that on your own like the super human you are. But if you are like the rest of us, have those friends who hold you high in the midst of trying times.

It’s okay to evaluate yourself but don’t beat yourself up. Ask questions like; ‘was I living to my passion’, ‘was I manisfesting/walking within my passion’ or ‘did I disregard my passion in pursuit of a temporary fill?’

Such and other questions ought to help you heal from the let down but also stir you up towards your true passion whereby you are your true self.

The beauty of life is that, even though it can suck the living daylights out of you… it equally brings a new day with it, to start fresh and to be whole again. Try again even if it fails—your passion, knit together and firmly with your faith, is always going to get you to your ultimate destination in this journey called life.

Here are some of the images that my brother Japh took during the disappointment, and after as I radiated peace and joy.

Triple threat 👊🏽

La pose sur une chaise longue et béret bleu style.

✨sweet dreams are made of these ✨

Love a good edit to speak my message

When I have ideas and my little brother captures them I am over the top of the moon happy. Thank you for always taking my moods as they are Japh. You rock!

Gotta love a new hat and an equally cute edit to match it.


I am curious, how do you beat a disappointing time/phase/period?

Let’s chat in the comments below.

And as always:

✨Peace. Love. Light.✨

Thank you for taking time to read.

Why I love being at home.

First of all, #happynewmonth to each of you my readers. May your #March bring you joy untold and lots of beautiful experiences that build longlasting memories.

That said, over the month of February I went back home after a rather long time. Almost after like 11 months. The point however is that I got to be with the closest people to me. People who make me whole. People who make me feel alive. People who accept my silly self and allow me to live my truth. I could go on, you know, I love being at home because I feel alive.

I get to be with them, enjoy endless cheer, quality time and great food by mama.

I had a great time for sure. I got to soak on all that and take lots and lots of photos.


We decided to go ham on them eggs because breakfast

Foodies day out
Went all in on that junkness–chickin likin’

With a full stomach comes my other love for posing and what better way that to have my brother The Japh (favorite photographer thus far — he gets me) take pictures of me.

When me and Japh team together, we take pictures like our lives depended on them

You’d say it’s because my papa loved taking photos of us when growing up that we turned into these photogenic individuals but the element of being free infront of the camera has become one of my favorite things to do and I’m so glad I get to share this with people I love.

Loved stealing this little number from mama, although not fair at all but jeesh I looked good in it
When I meet my sisie it’s jumping for hugs and lots of hugs

Josie and I ♥

Just a mama and her adoring daughters

Grinning till all them molars show

Sweet Soph, me and Josie

But most of all I got to be part of mama’s golden birthday. She joined the big five-oh gang y’all! And happy, blessed, proud and prayerful for her life am I as I reminisce the way God has been so good to us through her.

Happy birthday to the angel on earth from God to us with love! Love you mama ♥

Someone we miss definitely has to be my equally favorite brother DiTiEm.

So, I’m curious, do you guys love being at home after a longtime? What are your favorite things to do together?

PS: I didn’t post last week as I was recouperating and to that I say, sorry.


✨Peace. Love. Light.✨

Home Style

Over the past month I spent my days at home. April for those who don’t know yet, happens to be my birth month, hello fellow Aries birthmates 👋

While there my little brother turned my official photographer took the pain of taking my oh-so many poses. 

I am a hill billy, country raised girl and so taking pictures where my heart beats for and with the people it beats for the most was well worth it.

Besides, what’s a girl to do than #CarpeDiem all the single moments God, favor, time and good fortune had bestowed me 😊

So here are some of the many pictures I thought to share as I seriously take this blogging gift I have to a more consistent level. (Not an easy feat but hey, I’ll try it just because I have readers like you 😍)

Old walls are a great show when you want to show off your eye makeup, don’t you think?
Cause that’s the mantra you sweet reader of mine 😊
Oh the feeling of the sun hitting you on the face after a cold day in.
This felt majestic in some way
Strike a pose, Vogue
Looking deep into your soul
All that green made me want to swim in it
Look forward to good things 😍
Nappy hair for days
The aesthetic made this look so perfect for me.
Braiding grass 🌾
The vastness of where we stay has always felt like home and is actually home
Stole my sisie’s clothes for this. Loved the outcome 😁
My momma’s plants came to show off too. How lovely
‘Cause black is beautiful
Country girl hats are amazing 👒
Au naturel no make up just a fresh face
Y’all I have the most hilarious brother on earth! He makes me giggle like a girl! He also takes cool pics of me so I am just a lucky big sis 💕
The sun is out! Yippee 🙌🌞
Sun hat in a shade of brown
Almost blew a dandelion there 😁
As the sun set, bro decided to take some night pictures. Here goes 😊
The flash at night made it hard so there were so many blinks before this shot came to life. Ouch my eyes 😎
Night shots are cool

So there you have it friends, that was my at home style during my birthday month as I experienced the vibrations of where I am from 💕


You can be stylish and not rob a bank while you are at it.

Well at least that’s what I am trying to showcase with
 various outfit posts I will be posting in the coming days.

This series is something I am lately inclined to. It’s going to focus on thrifty ways to dress up and not feel like the clothes are poking holes at your whole being for being a spendthrift.

So without further ado, let’s go posing.

The clothes and accessories are below 5$.
In the boardroom showing that you can be casual smart but not have robbed a bank to stay afloat with the corporate’s who’s who.
Get comfy. This outfit was not one of those stressful clads to wear all day. Sometimes when I am so tired I sleep in my work clothes, embarrassing I know but this I would have slept in it if the odds happened.
Give yourself another break and strike a pose ’cause slaying comes at a time you never thought it would 😁
Now in case you haven’t noticed those stilettos this is your chance. These babies also were not hefty at all. After bargaining for a little bit 5$ was what they ended up costing.
Hair and makeup by me so clearly I didn’t make my pockets bleed for this little project of mine 🙂
Me being the director so that we can get the best shots was caught gabbing away 😉

So there you have it folks. You don’t need a lot to make your style impeccable. 

All you need is bargaining power and a keen eye for what your body looks like in them. 
All the photos were taken using the camera Phone by my colleague Andrew Kazibwe who gets my ideas and captures them occasionally seasoning them with his brilliant ideas.

That’s it for now folks 🙂

Stay safe and until next time,