Dee Edibles

Food is such an important narrative when it comes to the way we live.

First, it’s a conscious decision we make and sometimes it’s an impulse we follow.

In my pursuit of healthy eating I want to promise you there’s no such thing as a perfect routine to follow in that, it’s so easy to fall of the wagon/train with all the constant ‘unhealthies’ flying by.

Over the past months or so I went, per usual, food photo taking. I had intentions of posting them but ended up having an overstock instead.
After much deliberation, now that it’s even a day late for my posting, I decided to create a blog on some of the memorable edibles and two latest ones to show you a little food journey I’ve loved to call, ‘Dee Edibles’.
Enjoy, dig in and be inspired to recreate if you can/want.

I love to serve my buffet eats in an assorted manner to bring out the colors and the flavour of course once I Strat eating.Β 
Close up…
In a buffet, I try to look for the healthy options to get the maximum nutrition from the meals. How do you serve your buffet?
I love farm grown veggies, so seeing this cabbage patch that seemed to have been overshadowed by weeds, I immediately took a picture of it and I have no remorse for it. It counts for food, right?
I rarely take soda but when I do, I go for the cutest soda cans or the reg citron proudly a Rwandan fave. This one is from Canada and I love it simply because…
…my brother DTM lives in Canada and this can just made me feel connected.
This isn’t considered like cheating, right? There’s some greens on ’em, yay!
Edibles… Hot cocoa and a stack of books I’m loving and plan to read…
Smoothie time…
Can you tell my drink of preference? Hint, I mentioned it in an early caption above.
Home cooked and yum!
They call me the morning eggs queen, and I won’t complain.
Brother’s portion. I only ate the green beans and potatoes because, celiac disease isn’t a joke.
May the egg series begin…
More eggs and other things I can’t eat.
Dinner selfie
My good humans. Love ’em.
Cooked some chick’n
…and some mashed potatoes sprinkled with black pepper…
…dinner is served!
You bet ya!
Boiled sweet potatoes for breakfast? Yes please!
Home cooked
Simple platters
Table is set; tea time
Cheat breakie
Not such a cheat meal, don’t you think?
Simple salad
Fruit time!
Fruit salad…
…and another one!
Chicken lickin’
White wine by the beach is all the amazeballs feels you could ever want
Homemade pilau
Cheat meal no lie!
Of eggs that make faces

Simple eats
‘nana bread for my humans
Cinnamon sweet potato for breakfast.
Ndengu delight
What’s a food blog post without a clean cut avocado?

Have you made healthy choices, or gotten off track as you follow your edibles route? I’d love to know, let’s chat.

In the meantime, πŸ’« Peace Love Light πŸ’«


How to make Oat Pancakes πŸ₯ž

So today being a holiday in Rwanda I decided to make something a little diffrent just because it’s a relaxed day.

You know me when I hear a healthy way to make food I’ll go all the way in to try it.

So this time, on Tuesday to be exact, my colleague who loves healthy foods mentioned to me to try making oat pancakes. I was intrigued because first, they are gluten-free(the kind I use) and also they make a satisfying meal to say the least.

I then decided to make when I got free time. Today, seemed about right.

Behold, my version of oatmeal pancakes, as reimagined and recreated the #DeniseTuyiLife way.

3 Ingredients Pancakes πŸ₯ž.

You will need:

|Ingredients Γ— equipment|

2 bananas (adds the sweetness you’ll love)

2 eggs (or milk if you like it)

2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon (or spice/dried fruit/nuts/seeds you like)

1 small cup of oats (I used quick cooking GF oats that I had in hand)

Olive oil/butter/oil you prefer (I used olive oil)

1 for/egg beater/whisk/mixer

1 bowl for the mixture

1 pan/skillet

Serves one obvi 😁😝

Let me take you through the process of making this oh-so filling new favorite meal with images I took earlier today.

Enjoy 🍴πŸ₯ž

First take two bananas, slice them in small pieces.

Mash the bananas till they are soft enough. Also, it’s not yellow per se just the effect of the camera flash.

Then add some cinnamon to add a little flavor and spice to it.

At this point add in your two eggs and beat the mixture for a minute or so. It helps if you have a beater/mixer.

After you see a froth(bubbles), now for the fun part–add in your oats.

Mix it all together until it’s a thick consistency you like.

When your batter is ready, let it sit for a few minutes until it’s thick enough. This helps especially if you want a thick pancake batch.

Now for another fun part, in a pan set on medium heat, your preferred oil ready, pour your batter in sizes you like and cook till brown.

Keep checking to see if they are brown enough and have cooked on all sides.

Turn until you feel that that’s the right shade of brown you want to serve it with.

Serve and take photos if you may… Ahem!

And another shot if you don’t mind me. Also this part you could drizzle with your favorite drizzle say maple syrup or honey. I preferred none of that since the bananas made it sweet already.

And there you have it! Add in your favorite tea(drink) and voila! Breakfast is served!

Look how thick the pancake looks! Irresistibly yummy that I can promise!

Can you tell I munched them within seconds? Reason being, they were that good!

So there you have it friends, oat pancakes nice, easy and yummy to make. I’m making another batch soon that I can promise! And if you too recreate your own batch after reading this, tag me so that I can give you a shout out.

Thanks to Justine for making me a believer that oats, can indeed make great pancakes πŸ₯žπŸ˜

So to all of you, I wish each and all:

Peace. Love. Light. ✨

I ate bread for the first time in forever.

Not that kind of bread you are thinking though.

Let me put you up to speed.

For years now (about 3 to be exact) I’ve stayed of wheat which is a common ingredient of most breads widely sold.

Reason being, I’m gluten intolerant meaning eating anything with gluten- a protein found in wheat and certain foods- automatically sends my body out of whack. In short, it affects my small intestines. A medical issue that I won’t address today.

I’ve survived on other non-gluten eats and it’s really interesting how many options there are especially here in Africa. All you need to practice is a strictness when you go out, visit friends who don’t know your condition and sometimes turn down certain meals because your health matters and when your flare ups come calling you (not your friends) will suffer. In all honesty, it’s a delicate dance between being social or coming off as aloof.

When I first saw a gluten-free bread in a store here in Kigali I was intrigued. I had read about them, researched on how to cook them but never actually tasted one.

If you consider intrigue the reason to buy the ‘loaf’ hoping that’s what they are called πŸ˜†, then the pricey tags they come with shouldn’t scare you. But if you want the entire truth, I wouldn’t advise you to buy it on the regular like you would buy a regular ‘daily bread.’

My tip to save money and still have a healthy meal by you is to make your own bread or buy other alternatives that leave you satiated through and through. Also, keep looking, you are one step closer in finding a healthy go-to meal-in case you don’t have one yet.

Honestly, I never thought I’d ever write about bread any time soon. And if you ask my family me and bread were pretty an inseparable growing up until I got the autoimmune disease I mentioned above.

You can imagine how giddy this girl was when I read ‘gluten free’ on the package as I checked out in that store. Sheer bliss coupled with intrigue!

Here are the images and different angles of the bread I tried to capture, dig in!🍴

PS: The bread is from a German gluten -free company SchΓ€r and according to it’s details and ingredients it’s a wholemeal bread.

Will keep reading to find any side effects and update you accordingly. Although I wasn’t affected at all when I ate the slices.

Thanks for reading!

Home Cooking by Dee

I’ve wanted for a while now to post something close to my heart. Something I can inspire anyone who is willing to try.

That had to be something I am conversant with and passionate about.

Currently I have fallen in love with food creation. I’m talking about fun, quick and mostly healthy food creations.

Thanks to my roomie I play with food literally, to make fun foods that look good on camera. She allowed me to create sometimes last minute or just on the spot. If I’d go to the nitty gritty This blog would need a new title. (Will save it for a later time).

Another reason for this post is how my mom “THE greatest cook there is I know” told me my cooking had now surpassed hers (although I know she still reigns supreme. I occasionally ask her for tips here and there). If you can tell, this girl was giddy from head to toe 😁 I can proudly say I am my mama’s girl! And yes it’s a mark I’m willing to attain in this wholesome healthy eating journey.

In this post I want to give you tips on how to make food at home moreso if you have a busy schedule and takeout doesn’t feel healthy enough. I have joked about venturing full on to tackle nutrition because healthy eating and healthy living make my heart palpitate in glee. Who knows, I could actually do that- but that’s a story for another day as well.

Here are several of my tips to making home cooked meals and I hope to inspire you to cook some more and think out of the box when it comes to creating wholesome meals:

1. Don’t be afraid to try new things in the kitchen

Of course by now you’ve had many posts from foodies tell you about this. If you can’t tell, this is a favorite of mine. To be honest I get frights when it comes to cooking certain foods some because of them being an unfamiliar food and others because the phobia is ingrained deeply in me. For instance I fear making maize meal (ugali) so much so I get jitters thinking about how to make it. Whereas my roommate is the queen of making great ugali I totally suck at it.

Sometime back I decided to face my fear in the eye and gave making maize meal a hand, I must say I was proud of how it turned out. That said, I know my weaknesses so I eschew from making them but if I have to, I certainly will give it a try.

2. Love it and mean it- it will show

There is a saying that goes “made with love” and I can solemnly promise I try my best to create all the food I present with love. Somehow it gives me joy when the food is set at the table and the chow down is happening with great pleasure. If that means making two meals just to cater for someone else’s preferences I will do it wholeheartedly. I mean, who wouldn’t want food that has some thought into it rather than haphazardly served food?

3. Be open to learning from others

Well apart from passed on tips from family and friends the Internet tends to come in handy when you want to learn how to create great food. Find out different ways to make your food better, healthier or tastier than you conventionally do. Then make your own version that you like. Say if you have a food you don’t normally eat but is incorporated in the meal you’ve seen being made try a version that you’ll like. For me that would be foods containing gluten.

4. Work with what you have

Well, you don’t have to drain your pockets to create a certain meal, although that is highly likely-it’s happened to me severally.

Ha! That’s why I advise you to work with what you have. There’s no problem wanting more but with whatever you have you can actually make a wholesome meal that people can savor.

5. Use as many colors as you can

Your food doesn’t have to be bland. You could use certain spices and vegetables to give your meal flair. I like natural spices and fresh vegetables and I advise you to try it too. You’ll love all the flavors that come from mixing certain spices to make a meal that is to die for.

6. Don’t rule out eating out

It’s great to be served from time to time. If someone invites you out to eat or you crave for restaurant meals don’t hesitate to indulge. You’ll need to be extra cautious on the food you choose especially if you are on a healthy journey and afterwards detox if you feel the urge to do so.

7. Train your mind to eat certain meals and schedule the time if you can

It’s important to have a scheduled mealtime or certain foods to eat especially if your ultimate goal is to lose weight or maintain a healthy wholesome diet. I am big on sumptuous breakfasts if I had it my way I would make my mornings as breakfast banquets. I love a hearty early dinner later on during my meal plan for the day. In between I try to eat little to no food and so far my body has rewarded me to stay lean and I enjoy it. That said, I wouldn’t ask you to scrape off your lunch plans. I would ask you to know what makes you satisfied. For some it’s portion control to others it’s snacking throughout the day on healthy nibbles. Ideally it has to boil down to what fills you up and leaving you feeling like your best.

8. Snack

If you can’t last a whole meal to the next meal that you normally take, I’d suggest to eat or nibble on some snacks that are healthy for you. Nuts and fruits top that list for me and lately homemade popcorn is the queen of snacks in our household 😊 

9. Don’t forget to stay hydrated.

I’ll be the first to admit that drinking water is a challenge. Unlike most healthy folks I have to put some thought to it. Try different and fun ways to incorporate water into my meals. It helps you get off the bland taste of water and somehow makes it tastier. Add a fruit or cucumber to taste and voila a cool drink of water, literally!

You could also add some not so common water in the sense of coconut water, fresh juices or a healthy drink that is not so sugary.

If all else fails, just go the plain tall glass of water and stay hydrated 😊

10. Have fun!

Did you know that cooking for yourself is a stress reliever? A fun fact I spotted the other day. Drop in your favorite tunes as you prep and cook. Have a blast and just loosen up to what cooking from home is all about!


Don’t hesitate to ask me for recipes for a certain food you have liked from the pictures here for you to try at home.

Ps: Most of the food pictures in here can be found on my Twitter timeline using the handle @denisetuyilife. There you will also get the recipes and ingredients used to make the various meals.
So there you have it, make food at home- Your body, mind, and pocket will thank you.