Tonight he sleeps cold

From this view I see a homeless man too drank to even sit straight.

On his makeshift bed of carton and well worn blanket he lays sound asleep unperturbed with the rest of the world.

Today someone gave him a few ‘reds and he sipped his worries away.

He didn’t mind walking to his ‘abode’ staggering. He knows it’s his solace, his palace if you may.

This moment he is the King. And no one can make him feel inferior tonight.

As the streets go to sleep and the shivers come to haunt him, he will curl up in an infant position and cover his body tight in the blanket.

To him, poverty is when he can’t drown his sorrows away with his favorite ‘suruduwire’ liquor.

Maybe one day the liquor will make sense to quit and live normal but normal is overrated.

Tonight with no place to call home and no one to call family he sleeps despite the mosquito bites and a strong urge for warmth.

Disclaimer: I felt like doing a piece on this guy who shall remain anonymous because he honestly loves to work for his drinks and although he is homeless that doesn’t stop him from working odd jobs to cater for his whims and survival. He is a loner traversing earth with a hope to stay alive.


I regret

I regret

It’s #MCM on Instagram guys!!! To some it’s Man Crush Monday, others Man Candy Monday but a few of my male readers are in the Man Crashed Monday. So last we spoke I talked about writing a male sequel to  the blog post But you promised to love me because a few of my male readers asked me to give a male perspective. I cooked a little something for you guys and I hope you like it. Let me know in the comments below. Like. Share and spread the word 😁
Here goes:

Image from Instagram

When you refused to give me your number, something they call “playing hard to get”, I worked so hard to impress you. My bass that had you secretly fall in love was my weaponry. You loved it. Your body language confirmed it. Plus the muscular features I have worked wonders I could only imagine. Time flew and I had you by my side. I couldn’t believe I had you. When you whispered my name in my ears, “Damon” it was the most ethereal feeling on earth to me. I felt accepted and I wanted to do more. It’s amazing what a wink and thoughtful gifts can do.

Image via Instagram

Even though you disliked certain parts of your body I let you know you were perfect for me and they were loveable because you owned them. I called to check on you and that satisfied my heart in ways that only a true lover can understand. See the parts you vehemently detested gave me a chance to let you know how valuable you are to me.
You told me you kissed a lot of “frogs” and hated that the love you needed was not reciprocated and I decided to prove to you that not everyone is a “frog” but some of us are princes in need of a princess like you to reverse the curse that has long encaged us.
Your fear for public affection seemed ok at first. But when you posted on your social media networks snaps of you and other dudes, I was appalled. Was I not worth a feature in your art gallery collection? I wondered…
When I sent you love notes at work with the peonies you so loved and you would immediately call and ask what I wanted and why I sent the flowers, that hurt so much- Heartbroken. To me deep down, I knew you were aware of the immensity of my love for you. To this day I wonder was it hard to reciprocate? I wanted to make you happy but you were so caught up in doubt and playing me that you couldn’t see it.
I regret. I regret the time I spent trying to figure out what was wrong with me that I forgot to realize all along the one with an emotional scar was the one that shoved me to the pit of self hate and an emotional drain.

Image via RealTalkKim

Note: I am female and these don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of guys… This is just a little trial because I think some guys experience it but don’t say it out loud. Hope I put a point out though. If you feel like a relationship isn’t serving you right then by all means know your value and the only way is by being by yourself and learning to love yourself. No matter how uncomfortable it is try to value your me time and your experience will give you a boost to give love and receive love. It’s a proven fact.

To love and be loved is the gift that every soul desires in this journey of life.

Peace. Love and Light to you friends.

Go Deeper

Go Deeper
Image via Urban Dictionary

Sometimes the sexual appeal comes to a halting stop. The wink that sent shivers down your neck becomes mundane. And altogether stops being freely given to you. This is life. But dear, did you go deeper?
Don’t get it the wrong way… I ain’t telling you to pull your skirt up and do the you know what with your man! I mean conversing. Because the whirlwind romance will eventually wane out. All of a sudden you won’t be the most sexy person in the room. Least to say, you will be like “one of the boys.”
It ends pooh. It surely ends. But make sure before it ends your wit, fun and artistic creation doesn’t fade off with it. Remember when he whispered “Camille” in your ears and the first thing you ran to was your painting tools? Yes, that awkward day when you painted a masterpiece that only lives in your room because of the raunchy memories it gives you? Ha! Or the baking spree. Yes the baking spree. Your chocolate chip cookies that he swears by his pa’s grave to be the sweetest thing on earth, though he quips to tell you that they have nothing on you? Sweety, don’t let that fizzle out too. You are a creator of something new and fun.

Image via epicurious.co

When you met, chances are you loved how he made you laugh until your tears flowed freely. You didn’t care because you knew that put a smile on his face too. You also had words of wisdom that you threw around like confetti. You met and a certain part of both of you clicked and almost instantly you started to complete each other’s sentences like kids do when they think they are geniuses 😂. These funny statements had you reeling off and your ribs ached afterwards; you didn’t mind at all.
My point exactly? To be really interesting  in whoever you meet (Relationships can be draining at times -› been there done that) get to the nitty gritty of why in the first place you liked them. Don’t just stick in the phase of shivers all around your body. That shall definitely end (sorry to say that, but it is what it is *shrugs*).

✔Note: So guys, I have heard the word sapiosexual before and I didn’t quite understand it the first instance but didn’t bother to look it up from the dictionary. I have this habit of looking up interesting words up when they come to mind especially in my sleep or as I run my day to day errands; eerily enough this word came back to me when I was having those solitude moments asking “mineself” all the weird questions on earth aka self-assessment… This is one of the words that clarify why some certain things didn’t work out and fully describes who you are and what you stand for. I was taken aback by the way. Now I know why I act a certain way. I ain’t cut of the same fabric with some folks. It is what it is. I gotta accept it. *Quietly shrugs*
Anyway, long chat aside, it is truly great to be by yourself and know what you really want than to mess it up with just a small fleeting moment that will last as long as it takes to blink. Ephemeral love affair to be precise!
We all want more and lasting. Sisters, I know you feel me. And gents (because my male readers asked me to write a lil something for them. I promise I am working on something. Fun fact: It would have been before this one but this article couldn’t last any longer. I just had to. Bear with me 😉 )I know you too don’t want to waste your time and energy on fruitless romance. So here’s the deal, get deeper before deeper becomes something else, if you know what I mean 😉
OK… My time is out but I hope to see you sooner with something else.

Life is a blissful flower. Learn to smell it and savor its worth while there is still time.


Peace. Love. Light.

But You Promised To Love Me

But You Promised To Love Me

You must have noticed by now I am a gushy person. So this next post is definitely accrued from a story by some of my friends to me and also part of my little life experience. Here’s to you friends, enjoy!

It felt like yesterday when you called and told me you were ready for the next chapter. My heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t believe my ears. Funny how we had known each other this long but I still had my heart skip. My heart mellows at that picture in my head.

We went on dates. But you feared that people would see us together, so sneakily you walked ahead of me. At first it felt like you wanted to lead. I wanted to hold hands in public but then you would gently squeeze them away. Still I thought it was the macho man in you that feared PDA. In a public space I wanted to chat with you like we used to in text messages but you said people will get to hear our conversation. Again I thought me being an extrovert for an introvert like you it would be well when I left our chats for when we were alone. I was so clouded with the fairy tale idea of having a prince charming by me that I had created an epic fail illusion trick on my mind, then it dawned on me that maybe you were not proud of me alongside you in our walks.

Yes I was rusty when the relationship begun. Took me seconds to be a wild flower, I mean who wouldn’t glow with smiles from ear to ear with glee at the sight of a hunk like you. Tall, buff and all shades of the perfect masculine effervescence that can make any girly girl twirl around in her imaginary tutu skirt days on end. I now wore the perfume you liked, put as little make up so that it wouldn’t dirty your shirt when we hugged. You said you liked lip gloss better than lipstick. I carried my gloss everywhere in my bag. See, the effect you had on me was the possessed kind. Never in my day did I feel that I was wrong for screaming yes yes a countless times. I just felt that it was the best day of my days every time we spent time together.

It didn’t take you long though to make the best picture I should have cherished my entire life into being the most grotesque vision ever. This time you had me at my worst, my face a little too puffy from all the crying and my mascara drooping shamelessly. Looking at my face in the mirror had me bawling all over again. Yes, of what we could have had and how ugly I look from my crying situation. They say it’s best to know someone before you commit but we knew each other from way back. It was no big deal. Fiercely a lover I expected to be told that you loved me countless times but the few times you said it I still had the unbelief that I had when you first called and told me you wanted a next chapter for us.

Change is inevitable they say, so I shall accept my experience to be the teacher in disguise I so needed for maturity to take place and walk head high fully acknowledging that it was never meant to be. The hurt, the fear of being lonely and a deciduous grim reminder of being unworthy of your time cascade my emotions at times but that shall not dull my shine no more. I choose to be stronger and focused on the things that make me better. And when the one who shall mean and say that they love me and be purposeful about I shall skeet and dance and twirl for that day I shall not compromise to make them happy as we both shall be on the same level.

          To all girls out there that have had their fragile hearts broken and felt that they didn’t mean anything, this is for you. The nights you wondered if it is something you did and the days you spent wishing that all your fears could evaporate in the hot sunshine will end when you truly love you for who you are. Warts and all.

Have a lovely moment wherever you are on this beautiful earth we have been given.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Flower Listen

Flower Listen
TuyiDee Photography

Take time and smile, see dear friend you were once a budding flower now you are fully blossomed. When you were just a bud you felt like you weren’t the coolest bud ever. Now you have blossomed and feel like you just but a mere fat flower that needs more color, more pomp and less foliage to be the crème de la crème.
Imagine today that one day you shall wilt. You shall become old and wrinkly. No one really will stare at you as much as you would have expected. You shall want to revert yourself into a bud but that will be too gone a dream. All the days you had spent cursing the green unsightly bud you were and all the times you hate being a glorious flower shall matter no more. So dear flower, enjoy the state you are in. You never know what the phase you are currently in can produce.
Oh the days when the flower collectors will come and see you as you live in your domain. Oh the enchantment you will give to those that pluck from your bounty. Dear flower, never miss a moment thinking of another phase that will come with its challenges as well.
Live. Seek Contentment. And Be Proud of Who You Become. Breathe.
~Tuyi Dee Writings

They Did It Afraid

They Did It Afraid


Wanting to fit in they clamored for space in the eyes of their friends. Running, squeezing and oftentimes scratching to get at the top of this eery debacle that left a decadent image in the sore eyes of the one they wanted to please or rather to fit in. Their standards marred by their need to impress. So they settled for something less than their full potential.
Growth, maturity and a reality check “later” their little hearts shattered into pieces for trusting too much and eager to please “every Mae, Molly and Maude”. Those plastic walls of protection and safety they built got burnt in the fiery proverbial Phoenix rise. Their self belief unfazed by their occasional self doubt… Here a revolutionary mindset overpowered the need to fit in but created an innate drive to trend set…
It is until you are fed up with mundane and mediocre living that you are really alive, they say, and until you can fearlessly stand for what you believe are you ever going to influence others.
For the good of all may your desires and dreams be driven to step out, fearful or not, and make a statement. Let your fear drive you to achieve that which you want. Don’t just give up for the fear of the unknown alternatively do it afraid. It is by that simple drive can you truly make a difference… Let fear propel you instead of inhibit your potential in all you do.

Have a lovely March friends!


♦By “later” I don’t mean a few days, it can take a lifetime
♦ “every Mae, Molly and Maude” is a feminist version for every Tom, Dick and Harry.


The Pause

The Pause
Screenshot via Instagram

See this is what happens when you make friends you talk and tell each other who you are, what you love doing and the likes; sometimes they leave, sometimes they stay. Bottom line is: Real friends no matter how far they are from you, the next time you meet again it’s going to be a surefire icebreaker just from the word go.
It doesn’t require rocket science to feel the aura of true blue friends as real recognizes real. So today am dedicating this story to a friend I “re-met” and I felt a kindred spirit as we talked… Like we never left each other’s company. Enough of me… Let’s get the story (fiction) rolling!

Daisy lay on the grass reading a script for her new role in a small movie she helped produce. She loved how every word in the script flowed. She couldn’t help but smile every time a word rolled in her mouth as though it was one of those yum meals she eats at the hotel she stays in. After awhile her phone rings, she answers it and is somehow perturbed. She lifts her stuff and walks straight to her room, aimlessly throws all she has in her arms on her bed, straightens her messy hair and checks her phone and puts it in her rugged jeans. She remembers today she has to leave her clothes for laundry. Unfazed she locks her door leaving the ”DND” card on  and heads to her studio just a floor from her room and picks one of her artwork, something about fair maidens in African regalia to symbolize royalty. With that she locks the door and leaves to get the cab.
Today she has a lot on her plate, one particular client has an order and she has to show her the work Daisy has to offer. All this while the actors group she helped form is going to visit an orphanage of small children with Aids. A lunch meeting with her manager to discuss her new role in the movie. Then later on go touch up on her latest painting. After which she will go for a sunset walk as she takes bird photos for her wildlife project which is the main reason she chose to stay in this hotel due to it’s proximity to nature.
For now miss Daisy is walking towards her lunch meeting, having paid and tipped the cab driver… And here… Here is where she is stopped, courteously, by someone.
Ken was a friend she had made a couple years ago and due to work and other calls of life, they lost touch. Her perception of him was that of a worthy friend and when he taps her on her elbow, he has her full attention. She always has a lot of respect for anyone that is cautious when touching her. That aside, she was surprised to see him. In her wildest thoughts she never expected to meet him especially in that specific place. Head so doused that she had thirty minutes to her planned meeting, she carefully chatted with Ken for the few minutes she had left. Good thing it was just a block away so they strolled as they chatted the minutes away.

What I am saying is that, there is quite a bond that comes into play when you meet up with someone you haven’t met in a long while. The one you ‘pick up from where you started from’ kind of bond. It’s incredible… I hope you find such type of friendships. I am lucky and grateful to have some like that!

Peace my readers.