How about a lifer?

Today is one of those days you sit and think of all the good that has been accorded to you despite how bleak things seem.

On a different topic, it has just hit me that I love talking about seeing the good despite how things seem — cue in *bleak x1000* 🤣🤦🏽‍♀

But then again it’s how I’ve learnt to do life for the past -I don’t know how many- years 🤗

That said, let me tell you how grateful I am for a sweet ‘gehl’ that has entered my life.

Once in awhile I gush about people who have impacted me in ways unimaginable so today is my gorl Jessie’s time 😊

Like y’all know, I bring it all here to appreciate people who have been such a bright light to me s I strive and hope to be one to them.

Right now, I’m actually on the verge of something new and exciting but aside from my brother Japh’s support this girl Jessie has been as supportive as they come.

When she first joined us as a colleague I was intrigued by her sense of fashion, her chutzpah, charisma, charm and how she smelled 🤭
Now, I’m not the one who goes sniffing on people and fall for their scent but it’s inevitable to miss her scent even if your sense of smell is askew (no offense to anyone with a sense of smell disorder)
Anyways that aside, she was a bubbly human and I thought to myself this hottie, head turner free spirit is needed in my life like rn! Also, I was in need of a housemate… It wasn’t a hard ask as she too needed a housemate (Rentals in Kigali are not a joke 😓)
Fast forward we are not only housies we are becoming better humans together our Japh included 😁 hence him taking awk pictures of us doing life watch out for that shortly 🤪…

I read that there are friends and there are lifers. I always pray to have lifers in my life. You know, people who go through life with courage, love, honesty and a sense of true resilience governing them. As I write this, I want my friendships to be that of lifers and I wish and pray that you too experience that! To lifers and great meaningful relationships ahead 🍾🥂

You’d think I’m smitten, no really look at that lovers gaze I’m throwing apo kule… Lol

When you get glam for an event, (a) selfie(s) is inevitable

Strike a pose, now werk…
I’m never not smiling. She’s never not not smiling.
First we look if we are set for the day
Then we pose for the cam by Japh
Happy hour or what? With them colleagues 🙂
With the songbird of the hour…
Someone needed some cheering
And cheering she got…
The Japh too was there
There’s a video below to explain this awkward pic moment..
When you go to the pool
You take so many selfies
Until you can’t feel your body
Or run out of poses
And let the sun hit you on the right places
And pose…
You only live once
Flaws and all
Girl’s O’Clock
Peace out

This video shall giveth thee life as shoteth by Japheth. Lmao!

For more of her and her blog, find her here Just Jess

Tomorrow is International Friend’s Day and I have so many friends I’d love to wish the day a fruitful one. Expect my text messages tomorrow my good pals 😘. I’m curious, how are you celebrating your friends (lifers) tomorrow?

To you my wonderful friends that take time to read my blogs each week and beyond, a happy International Friend’s Day ahead and may you continually experience endless 💫Peace Love Light 💫


Bring It On

Hey, so lately, there is this wave of change that has sort of maxed, jazzed and most definitely thrown a curveball at me lately and words can’t seem to be enough.

Today, I write this blog not because I feel the most happiest, saddest or confused as yet but because despite it all, I am taking each situation coming my way with grace, hope, peace and joy knowing that God’s got me. Hence the courage to say, Bring it on!

You may notice I have changed the theme of the blog as well. So much change is happening to me and I’d really love to document it all as much as I can and any moment

These two quotes have spoken volumes to me. This one;

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. –Jimmy Dean

And this one by a very influential writer to my growing up days after high school;

Every human has four endowments – self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change. –Stephen Covey

I also took a pause on my YouTube channel to figure it out and I talk about it all here Denise Tuyi Life YouTube Channel.

Enjoy my happy pictures taken by my friend Denis and le bro Japh as well some selfies from my Snapchat account tuyidee and other friends of mine…

Love creating and doing digital marketing and I love it that I am evolving and seek to fly higher.
Despite my back facing the camera, I’m always happy and captivated by nature.
Feeling mellow yellow…
Pure joy to me is smiling and meaning it, knowing that brighter days are ahead of us. Shot by The Japh
Now pose, now werk.
Pink and bling
Pops of color by the pool.
Chillen by the pool. Shot by Jessie G.
Snapchat bliss
Model behavior
Selfie at the salon
Different filter, different pose, same mirror background.
Underneath the pretty tiny lights 🤩 Shot by Deni_Ray
The shooter becomes the shootee… #BadPuns
All good here…
Sun kissed, happy and contented.
Blending with them puffs.
See thru.
Drink, and pose…
Ah to be engulfed by the lake breeze…
Feels so good!
To think or just to pose?!

There you have it, thank you for reading to the end. It’s people like you who make me want to do it more. Make sure to follow the page, comment below on how you intend to embrace change if you are going through one.

💫Peace Love Light 💫 your way, now and always.

How to make long distance anything work (And a me photo sesh)

Well I’ll be absolutely truthful with you guys today. I honestly thought I got the long distance thing to a T but over time I’ve discovered that…

Learn your best communication skills and try as much to be in contact with those you love.

I suck at long distance. Long distance friendships. Literally long distance anything.

You know they say out of sight out of mind and this rings so true especially when you look at simple friendships that have waned out due to distance.

You’re doing alright, keep seeking ways to be better, do better, live better.

So today’s blog is inspired/powered by Faded Love Tinashe🎶 The beats and cadence are sick yo 🔥But that’s ‘nother story for ‘nother day 😊.

As much as I have it on replay, I am only left to think how easy we expect people to keep the relationship/business/relationship fire burning but on our side want to do the minimal least.

In your thoughts and heart of hearts, would you rather be the one that people keep talking to, or the one that keeps looking for people to talk to?

This consequently led me to look for ways to make you ace this. Especially if you are like me with family and friends all across the globe and by globe I mean mostly Kenya 🤭Lol.

Here are ways to make Long distance ‘ships happen.

Communication is key and so is the Peace sign😂

Be intentional


Sometimes it’s easy to lose contact with even the best of friends.  I do that a lot  and every time I catch myself forgetting someone important to me, I quickly shoot them a message, voice note or if I really need to call them I do that and make my hearts reverberations known to them.

Feel me?

Keep close contact with those you care about


I know this may sound like the previous one but truth be told, if you keep close contact with them seldom will losing touch hit you. It will be a constant natural thing to do that a day of not speaking to them will be such a miss.

With true relationships, you find it’s never a hustle to communicate.

Understand that it isn’t easy


You will need to remember it’s not easy as they say. It’s actually advised against taking that route unless you have built a friendship that has stood the test of time. These are friends you won’t have to seek a conversation with because it comes naturally, is fun and holds water in all facets.

Build others up with your personality.

Let it be a mutual give and take


Don’t allow yourself to do all the talking, texting and calling. It’s only human to reciprocate what you get but also only fair for the other person id they are giving their time to ta and interact with you. This goes for businesses too, you want the other person to feel that what they give they too shall return.

Your sense of belonging should never be diminished even if it means going away from home and those you love and care about.

There you have it! These are some of my tips that I have found as surefire ways to get back on track when you’re in long distance relationships, friendships, business partnerships and life generally away from those you are related to in any way.

Keep being vigilant at ways you can improve and be good at long distance anything

I’m curious, are you far from those you love? How do you keep contact with them?

You’re not alone.

✨°Peace° °Love° °Light°💫

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature

There’s never a chance that the beauty of nature fails to catch my sight!

You could say I am constantly seeking to immerse myself in nature or that there is a message hidden in my pursuit of seeing the magic in it all.

First, I savor the moments and it all in as much as I can. Then I try to capture as much beauty with my sometimes crappy camera phone and then I see the lovely enough to share picture with my friends and post. This doesn’t happen once, I am known to fill my various social media stories without a shame! Sorry not sorry?!

But in all seriousness, take a look at today’s images from almost a month of being sort of out-ish of office. Enjoy ♡

I mean, can’t you just fall in love and Carpe diem right here?
Hills to escape with the wandering eye…
Sunrise AM
Colors of nature
Beautiful Rwanda
Plain angels
Rwanda pride
Sunrise again!
Never alone in nature
Hello sunshine
Touch of nature, blend in nature
Views of essential beauty
Through the window
Do you see thighs?
Highs and lows
Would you even filter that?
Hedged out
Green thumbin’
Cabbage patch, oh to see one in forever!
Now you know, I wouldn’t post nature without the scintillating beauty of flowers…
No weeds can steal your shine cabbage!
Mellow yellow bliss
Orange you feeling this flower patch?
How lovely!
Beautiful arrangement
Feel the nature
A rose by any other name is not a cliche
Pretty cute
Colors of bloom
Modern infusion of nature
Swing your worries away, stay connected in nature!
Any idea what name these flowers go by?
Sums up what color pop really means

If you feel alive in nature, share with me how you capture it? How you savor it? Or how you perceive nature?

Let’s talk 😁

As always;

✨Peace, Love, Light✨

Is there such thing as an open book lifestyle?

Quick response, yes there is. And it’s achievable.
Is it the safest way to live? Well that depends, because sometimes not everyone appreciates it. But if you live for the audience of One then living authentically becomes more of a habit than a need.

The audience of One is a term used to mean living for the King of kings, unashamed and trusting His provision to be just and loving in all His ways.

On the road to being a transparent human, you’re likely to meet a lot of hiccups. Sometimes you feel like you’re not good enough, honest enough or courageous enough.

Most of the times it sucks, however the end result is ALWAYS rewarding because not for one bit do you feel regret for being your most truthful self.

What I’ve learned overtime is, not always will you be in a position to authentically be yourself and it’s okay.

The most important thing to do is to take a step back and figure out where you might have misstepped, work on that, seek help and begin again.

So my hope for you today from this blog post is: Live a little, speak your truth and seek to be the light you’re meant to be 💓

✨Peace Love and Light ✨

God’s got you!

By this title I can only just reiterate this truth as much as I can. Over the past month of May I almost lost it. Bad financial goals, friendships/relationships gone sour, living on a shoestring budget etc. but somehow I came out alive.

As we start June I want you to look back and see how far you’ve come and know that there’s much more ahead that awaits us. I won’t promise June will be any different but you know what, if God did it last month, He for sure will do it again and more. That has been the motivation that has taken me through it all.

I have had this idea to write today’s post from the beginning of this week and this morning as I was chatting with my lovely friend Shamim, she said the same words to me. The exact words of today’s title and it certainly wasn’t a coincidence. A kiss from heaven if you may.

Lately I’m reading devotionals that help me stay rooted in God and I am sincerely being lifted each day. One in particular has me consistently eager to devour the Word every morning you could download it as well YouVersion Bible App. A big shoutout to my girl Kelly for introducing me to the app, it’s everything I needed.

So if anything from today’s post tugs at your heartstrings, I hope one thing stands true: Let’s abide in Him and surely learn to live a life of contentment 💖

There is an old song by Carrie Underwood that talks of accepting the card you’ve been dealt with: Lessons Learned.

Thank you for reading today’s post, God’s got you in whatever situation you are going through.

✨Peace Love Light ✨

Finding Happy

All week I’ve been really trying to find what it truly means to be happy.
I’m sure you have watched one or two films, feel good videos, read an article on happiness, listen to the famous Pharell William’s song or simply listened to a talk about the benefits of being happy. Actually I have googled the benefits of being happy before and I can tell you stories.
It’s inevitable to miss happy being sold to you. Some make you laugh, others make you cringe while others tug at your heart in a way no one else would. You know, it depends on how you feel to either enjoy the notion of being happy or be nonchalant about it.
Back to my musings this week, it really got to me and I sought to find ways I can seek ‘happy’. Hence the title of today’s topic.
Some people advice you to create space for it, make it a reality even in the midst of a not so happy moment.
So I went forth and did some soul searching to find what ‘happy’ is to me.
This most certainly doesn’t mean the lack of your fair share of troubles it means sauntering on despite the troubles. It’s giving your best at being happy, hoping and working towards being happy.
You know that part you even try to turn a known adjective to a noun. Well I did it just so that I could fully grasp it all in its true light. I even went to ask myself if I was really happy the couple of times I professed to be. You know, from my ‘happy’ pictures. Of course at the moment of posting/taking the picture I felt happy but did that reflect what is in me?
Well, after the thinking hard on how to find ‘happy’ I realized there are certain things that prove true whenever you seek to be happy.
  1. Get real with your reality. If you are sad, be honest how you feel. If you can’t seem to find anything to make you happy, acknowledge that.
  2. Earnestly desire to change your nitpicking ways that make happiness a fable.
  3. Surround yourself with people who are equally seeking to be happy, inspire you to be happy and genuinely support you in your quest to be happy.
  4. Lean on God for true happiness. Beyond human support, God is the true source of happiness.
There is a scripture I’m sure you may have heard growing up:
Philippians 4:4 (KJV)Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice. 
Then I bumped into this song by Plumb Beautifully Broken.
Here are some of my moments of ‘happy’ in front of the camera, an artwork of ‘happy’ and video of ‘happy’. Let them give you a smile as you traverse this thing called life!
A little artwork by me to inspire you to be HAPPY 🙂
I hope today’s post inspires you to be happy and joyful and life vividly aware of what it means to be truly happy.
Thank you for reading, xx.
♡ Peace Love and Light ✨