What’s love?

What’s love?

I know this post comes a day late for #ValentinesDay but just in time for my weekly blog so get your reading eyes ready and let’s roll this out into a beautiful love tapestry.

The moment this topic came to my mind I literally had a million things come to mind and the old school songs with similar titles popped in my head. Good thing I just know their lyrics and didn’t have time to Google them so by the time this piece is out there will be zero plagiarism if I may say so myself 😜

A little love artwork I made out of love.

Seriously though, the question ‘what’s love?’ is the most ambiguous yet so simple question depending on where your heart is. For some it can be a game, a feeling, a remedy, a crutch, an idea created by some hopeless romantic, a Deity, a belief, a way of life, a disappointing reality that ends up with tears and broken hearts stop me if you think I am a little overboard but clearly love is a whole lot more than just a single day for a certain demographic of people.

Spritz of water on plastic flowers.

It takes true and honest soul-searching but most importantly believing that there is more to love than just roses, chocolates, and flirty texts messages in the middle of the night. It is more. For what it’s worth, love is a matter of the heart.

If your heart is in the right place, accepting of who you are as an individual and willing to go the extra mile of loving the next person as they are you are bound to make strides untold.

The icing on the cake is to know you are loved and known by a God so vast He took his time to create you, your look, how you feel and the various people you will meet and attract. He made your soul so beautiful to attract equally beautiful souls in phases of your life.

There is so much peace and beauty in this image I had to put it in this post.

I am not just talking about romances and all that jazz, I am talking about business partners, classmates, workout buddies, neighbors etc.

To me, love goes far beyond the twosome you and your bae are to a way you live and radiate your life as a person.

Truth is, it’s never easy to live that way.

Image via Instagram

That’s why it’s critical to seek love in the right places and the only right place I have come to believe isn’t in others, or feelings or things for that matter but from God–creator of all things love and the buffers around love. Be it patience, kindness, joy {the fruits of the Holy Spirit} all these come when you have fully accepted that you, on your own, cannot radiate love as it were without the help of the one true God of Love.

So my question to you is, what’s love?
Chime in as we seek to live and be love daily πŸ’–

Peace, Love and Light ✨


Of EA travels and double dates

Of EA travels and double dates

When Jesse my boyfriend suggested to visit Kampala, I was both excited and scared at the same time. Excited because I’d get to be with him and spend time together. Scared because that means spending time at his best friends house and didn’t know what to expect as Kampala was a fairly new place I’d ever been to.

To my glee Frank and Sarah were nothing but the best hosts and humans. They made our stay in Kampala quite a memorable experience. I can’t pull a serious face recalling β€˜fororo’ and the catchy β€˜pangea’ quote from Lil Dicky’s Pillow Talking song πŸ˜‚.

For long distance relationships it’s really about maximizing the most time together but this time round it meant sharing that time with people who made Kampala home to my beau.

Believe it or not I struggled with the idea but would you know, I ended up falling in love with every little bit, nuance, and the very essence of our stay in Kampala. The double date included and all.

I see why people love Kampala now. The warmth of its people, the tasty meals and definitely a place you are free to express and be yourself without a fear of being judged or ridiculed.

What I’m trying to say as someone who spent 4 of the most incredible days of my holiday getting to know Kampala and falling in love with it is that travel can open up scopes you never imagined and enrich relationships if we let it.

From the traversing through the nightly terrain of no-sleep Kampala and meeting easy going people, eating Wandegeya delicacies and various Ugandan eats from places I can’t properly recall their names to experiencing their travel system that is very different from that of Kigali the Kampala I experienced was a really delightful treat. The cherry on the cake was spending it with the incredibly amazing Jesse and my new found friends of his β™‘

Here is a bonus video of the double date crew aka kiss squad in KLA:

Until next time; travel, laugh, love and be willing to learn.✌

How to find a roommate and have a blast at the same time

How to find a roommate and have a blast at the same time

Before I get a little mushy in this post I’ll first put the facts and towards the end get my emos about my favorite roomie out here for y’all.

This post should have been out sometimes early last month and preferably last week… But with the closeness to my heart I let it first sink in. I had to feel it. I had to remember. I had to get in touch with my sentiments from the moment it all started.

Who am I kidding, this post is definitely going to be a mushy post so brace yourselves since you’ll be reading about the world’s greatest roommate ever!

First things first, I need to introduce you to my roomie and choom choom Sophie! Don’t get me started with what a lucky score I got when I became roomies with her.

She’s down to earth, thoughtful and very smart that one! I don’t know very many people who pursued Physics and lived to tell it… Hehe, jk.

So here is a list of what, and why you should consider getting a roommate at least once in your adult life.

1. Get to know why you need a roommate

Well to me and my roomie it came out of necessity. Me because I really did need a roommate and her because she was somewhat bored to stay alone. You could say, it was a chance, if you may match, made in heaven.

Before we decided to move in, we conducted interviews to get to know each other. As cheesy as it sounds it really did help in knowing each other a little more.

2. Be willing to want to have a roommate

Before I got to meet Sophie I had tried so many friends to join forces and be roommates but it either didn’t sit well with them or myself. But the thing with Sophie, it gradually grew and to be honest, I can never be more proud I found a roommate in her.

3. Reach out to friends who know of someone that needs one

Well for me it wasn’t friends who made us meet but my highschool friend and a fellow all girl’s group chat bestie, Miriam, who did the intro. She just wanted us to hang out and little did she know she was hooking us up for memorable days ahead. So, thank you so much Kamso. I owe you big time. XO

4. Be open-minded, you can learn so much

If I’m being honest, I’m a creature of habit so when I got to move in with Soph, I decided I’d do something different and be spontaneous. I had just quit my job and I had hit rock bottom so spontaneous was definitely THE best person to be. I learnt a lot. I appreciated different things better. I even stopped hoarding certain things! Bonus, I know listen to reggae music with ease.

5. You become a better human if you let it

Before sweet Soph, I was just an okay person used to living alone. When we lived together it made me want to be a better person overall. Let’s face it, sometimes you need a second person to tell if you’re tripping or give you the nudge and better yet celebrate with you when you hit that mark you really wanted to achieve.

I could go on and on about the tips but honestly it all trickles down to me being extremely grateful that I got to spend 4 awesome months with a lady I never in my whole life dreamed I would be roomies with! Fun fact she was my first roommate ever in my adult life and I would repeat that again with no hesitation.

To you Soph, thank you for being the best roomie ever and making my 2017 a much bearable year as you sparkled and shined your life with me πŸ₯‚

Unlike me who got to get my roomie a little later in my grown up life, I hope you find a roommate that complements you and makes you want to live your best life now. If you were (and or are) fortunate enough to get one in campus, good for you! Good roommates are rare finds! Appreciate them πŸ’–

17 days (Celebrating a champ!)

17 days (Celebrating a champ!)

October 17th is my brother Dennis aka DTM or Syntax Ditiem’s birthday.

Today the 1st of October, I want to celebrate him and I will randomly post something on my various social media platforms as the days go by to appreciate the guy he has been and the man he is becoming.

If you know me well, you know I’m the self-proclaimed queen of humble-brag so that means I brag about so many things near and dear to me. This brother of mine definitely tops that list! He is a blessing whose genius ways have astounded me from the time we were little. He topped his class from the time I knew how to differentiate between first and last. That and so many things he does make him the extraordinary hombre he is. May ambition keep driving you champ!

October is a great month because I got a little brother a year later and I have never not had fun and folly with him by my side. Even though seas, oceans, and many geographical nuances separate us no single day goes without missing you DTM tha dude!

Glow on champ!!!

So here is to many beautiful Octobers full of joy my handsome meant for the stars little but not so little brother. May this month be nothing but the best yet that you’ve had this year! May it bring good fortune, open doors to your dreams untold and very much so renewed faith and hope in your forever glowing soul. I love you so much. Can’t wait to celebrate you when the stars align ❀❀❀

Go big bro! I am cheering you on!!!

You are destined for greatness! Soar on!You have it in you!

PS: In case you had no idea how I got into blogging, my bro who has a poetry blog himself Syntax Says interested me to try and paint pictures using words (and pictures) in the blogosphere and I can never thank him enough. Point is, he is that one guy who has believed in my writing since we were youngins. He had no choice but to stick with me during punishments by our primary school English teachers who somehow hated my guts (but that’s another story for another day). That, my friends, is what through thick and thin means πŸ˜πŸ˜‡πŸ˜

So there goes, join me as I celebrate my bro during these next 17 days and send him kind messages over at his blog if you get the chance.


Here is a pictorial down memory lane to celebrate the unequivocally best bro in the world!

Hehe, this has to be a classic (thanks DT for sending this ❀)

I love you from the bottom of my heart

Your forever numero uno fan ❀

Before all of you grew taller

Brother for life (bestie for life)

Homework for you when you can pose?

Way back when... Los quatro Mujyamberes

This one here is a great routine we practised every first day of school. To many grins brother man!My two favorite gentes on earth and mama bear

He let me take this picture when I was still a newbie in my early photography days.

'90s kiddosWe love you πŸ’ž

Happy birthday month DTM! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Mimi nakupenda sana. Praying for youβ€”as always ❀



When it comes to the word journey the first thing that pops to mind is a picture of a car, plane or a route one uses.

In my view, journey is a huge word when put in the context of traversing earth. See, the moment you begin life so much is set and expected of you.

I’ll be the first to admit that initially as a carefree child it makes no sense but as one tends to grow it takes a tall order especially if no one close enough to you has walked a similar path.

Well, truth be told – I, like many of you, have had my share in this journey called ‘life’.

Today I’ll give you a glimpse of it albeit the entirety won’t be feasible since I’m still ‘walking life’ and some past events are best left for an all encompassing book.

With life’s journey comes change. And boy has change been a constant in my life. I’ll take you through various phases and title them accordingly.


First up is living. It all started growing up in Kenya. So many great and not so great things happened. But my pivotal point was coming back to Rwanda after so many years away in Kenya. Just like that, I was back to my roots. Something I don’t take lightly. Back home I have learnt to be independent, to trust again but most of all to put my full trust in God’s sovereign plan over my life. It’s not easy hacking life away from all the familiar things and people you’ve grown up with. They anchor you into being safe and secure but when you learn to soar they can do little to help you but hope and pray for your best.

So basically I went from living the pampered by momma and constant bickering with them siblings life to the solely dependent on God kind of life.

I came here with only my clothes and lived with my relatives. As is sometimes possible collusions happen and parting ways is the only wise way to attain peace.

All didn’t go south though, I got to stay with great family friends even if it was merely two weeks tops to which I moved to a place closer to my new job then. I lived alone, like the amateur I was, got into a lot of trouble and absolutely had a time of my life. It was what it was until I moved to live with my awesome roommate Sophie. She was and is going to be my most awesome roomie. I’ve never had a roommate so hers and mine was a beautiful friendship that was born out of it all. To be honest I’d write another blog about her when I get the chance to.

Currently, I am back to living alone just because she got a transfer to Nairobi *sniff sniff.


I might get backlash for not having this as the first in line but this topic comes second because it’s heavy. Who I am, my tricks to survival is because of my family. My immediate family to be precise. From the time I was little I had them. The good, bad and ugly days were intertwined with them. Still are. I cry over the phone with them. I laugh out loudly at the endless inside jokes that one of us brings up. I get them. They get me. Even when one of us goes astray, life has taught me to have some faith. Our parents strived to live a righteous life in our little eyes as we grew up and if anything without a doubt, life and Love directs us to the path of righteousness. As with you and your family there is that one thing that keeps you grounded. For my family, that has to be our faith.

To momma, DTM, Fifi and BJM y’all are the most precious gifts I have been given by God in this journey I daily traverse. Love cover each of you no matter how far apart we are from each other.

Also, this post titled Dad is an homage I wrote to my pa who turned 19 the other day up in heaven. I miss you daily ❀

Weight and a health conscience

Let me be honest, I stumbled on my weight loss journey. When I moved to Rwanda I was as clueless as to what my health was about and how it was resulting to my weight issues. Simply put, I never put so much thought to what I fed my body with. I just ate anything edible to mankind with no restrictions. Although I don’t often post my before and after pictures as I should rightly do, doesn’t mean I don’t want to. Truth be told, it has been one amazing journey. Prior to this, I had never known what it was to weigh less from the time I was little. And if ever I was slimmer that had to do with some stress which I would quickly outgrow and revert to eating back to my bigger size.

If you may my weight had its fair share of the yo-yo effect. To this day, I still have my moments of yo-yo weight gain but in a more manageable way now.

To be honest it started with the good old tired of how I couldn’t fit in the cute dresses I saw on sale or the gifts from well meaning friends. Then I had many endless health discomforts. I did a lot of reading and research to which I discovered I was suffering from celiac disease and it all made perfect sense. I talked to a doctor suggested by a friend. She advised me to try the gluten free diet before making the appointment with her. I had no medical cover so that went pretty well. Slowly, I begun eliminating certain foods that caused me more harm than good. So far so good. I am more conscious of what I put in my body. I rarely exercise other than take long walks to keep me fit. So it’s best that I take care of what I put in my system. Going back is not an an option.

This journey I take to heart and although I have my days when I get off track I always strive to go back to this tested and tried route that has brought my wellness to an all time high.

As a result, however, I am limited to certain types of food. I am so grateful that the gluten free diet, the ovo pescatarian diet and the Mediterranean diet are readily available here in Kigali.

You could check out this piece I wrote on my love for making wholesome food and how I do it in case you want to add something to your healthy eating: Home Cooking by Dee


The hair is a woman’s crown so they say. Mine has had its fair share of change as well. I remember reading an article back in the day that an average woman changes her hair 20 times in her lifetime. I guess going by that article I am above average 😊

Ha, but seriously like my food and wellness choices, I decided to take research by its horns and read as much as I could on natural hair growth. It has taken its own course. Short, poofy, shrunken, unkempt, you name it.

Then cam the day when my awesome boyfriend inspired my current hairstyle. I always wanted to grow dreadlocks but had my reservations. When he lauded my desire, I knew I had to do something. So on my birthday this year back in Kenya, I rallied my momma and little bro to accompany me to the salon to get my baby locks created 😍

They started as wax dreadlocks but in Kigali I found their speciality is in crochet dreads. After 3 painful salon visits I graciously bumped on ‘freeform locs’ and boy am I happy. Salons have the same effect as going to a hospital does to me. Not that those are bad places but this girl right here is pretty hands on. Don’t be shocked to find me searching for homemade remedies for practically everything possible made from home or natural ways and DIYs in the same manner.


First I had to love myself fully.

After bad relationships you tend to get hard on yourself. You tend to end up hating those people or hating yourself for selling yourself short. I realized I had a lot to learn about myself as I matured up. I admit it never is easy but the end result is, you end up being more human in the way you treat yourself and in the way you expect others to treat you. Besides you get a bonus on confidence. This is very important especially if you want to be truly happy and have long lasting relationships with people.

Just yesterday I was reading an article about expanding one’s capacity to love and it made proper sense to me in many ways.

That said I can never thank God enough for blessing me this year with someone very special who has made me one happy girl when I had finally given up on relationships.

Dear Jesse, you my love, have made me grateful for all those past heartaches because without them I would never have appreciated what we have. Thank you for your love ❀

Yours truly,

Dee 😍😊


You guys, I can’t begin to explain how my Faith has grown tremendously. I don’t take for granted all that has happened to me.

Let’s face it when you are in trying times it’s very easy to run to your Faith but the hardest of days is when things seem to be going okay that you forget what your Faith can do for you.

My journey really has no essence at all if it doesn’t streamline to my Faith. That is why my journey and Faith are strongly intertwined and boy would I be darned if I let one take more preeminence of the other especially the journey itself.

Life in general

In conclusion I wouldn’t be right if I didn’t tell you how hard it gets when you walk this life alone. I have so many people I would love to thank for making my journey here on earth just as pleasant. You know who you are. In small or big ways – what you do doesn’t go unnoticed.

To friends who:

β€’When you are jobless with no idea how you’ll get money to survive the next dreadful days help you with just the right amount needed.

β€’When you have a lot and you need someone to remind you to share or take it slow as you journey on.

β€’Check up on you when you least expect it or do something major for you – the kind you had no expectations of.

One such friend this week is my old highschool friend and sister to my sweet HS BFF Anisa, Amal. Thank you so much dear Amal for that sweet and very heartfelt gesture. You saved me big time 😘

And to each of you of my friends who fit the not necessarily befitting of you categories, thank you for being my friend in ways I can never repay. I can’t thank each of you enough.

In addition, life is great when you chose to seek for the good in all circumstances. If nothing else goes with you after this read, please remember to find your positivity and pursue it as much as you can. You’ll go places.


Ha! I can’t believe I have finally finished this! Been planning all week to write and post it but something would come up and I’d push it for another time. Oh to be a writer πŸ˜…

Also I am finally unpacking my clothes after almost 4 days in this new house so wish me luck πŸ˜‰


Let’s get talking… Tell me how your journey has been. Let’s see how you manage to stay strong in your journey. I strongly believe in the power of sharing your story with others because it helps make their journey more bearable. You know, the you’re not alone kind of feeling.

Thank you for reading. Peace πŸ’Ÿ



Whatever they say about time healing wounds is partially true and false.

True because there is that peace that comes even in the midst of all the uncertainty.

But then again their is that false notion of it all. Especially when you know that the more the years go by the more you’re likely to miss how they smiled, laughed at certain things and looked when they were angry.

To some extent time robs you of the very essence of your gone but not forgotten loved ones.

I would gladly write a thesis on that but today is not that day.

Today I want to look back to 19 years ago when I was little girl whose love of her father was as evident as the big smiles on the old pictures. Yes pictures because that’s what I have as the memory that is firmly etched in mind’s eye.

I will never see you with grey hair and wrinkled skin. I will never see you reclining on a rocking chair when I bring you grand kids. I will never see many things but one thing for sure dad! I never saw you angry no matter how wronged you were. I never saw you let someone feel unappreciated just because you were in a higher position than they were. I never saw you lay a hand on mama out of spite or contempt. And most of all I never saw you choose one child over the other even if it meant your ‘adopted’ children-uncles and aunts.

So daddy today I send you this love letter from my soul to yours written on this blog saying, thank you for being you. You went too soon to be with our Lord whom you loved above all else and when my time comes to be with you, I hope we dance and thank God for finally making all the tears, missing you and sweet memories come to a full circle ❀

Missing you tonight and always,

Your 7 year old girl who wept after seeing you through that tiny window as you lay motionless ending your 36 years as a father, friend, mentor and most of all great husband to your bride mama Bee 😍


To brighter clear sky days πŸ™‚

They say it comes when you least expect it,

You know that flowery experience whatchamacallit,


Yea, that they say and truth be told it rings true,

Waiting for the right time to stand and be by you,


In the field of grandeur and avarice it’s hard to find,

What many have coined the proverbial peace of mind,


But in the end when you can stay sane in the midst of life’s blur,

And talk like you’ve known each other for long and all’s at par,


An ode to this stud