To brighter clear sky days πŸ™‚

They say it comes when you least expect it,

You know that flowery experience whatchamacallit,


Yea, that they say and truth be told it rings true,

Waiting for the right time to stand and be by you,


In the field of grandeur and avarice it’s hard to find,

What many have coined the proverbial peace of mind,


But in the end when you can stay sane in the midst of life’s blur,

And talk like you’ve known each other for long and all’s at par,


An ode to this stud



Tonight he sleeps cold

From this view I see a homeless man too drank to even sit straight.

On his makeshift bed of carton and well worn blanket he lays sound asleep unperturbed with the rest of the world.

Today someone gave him a few ‘reds and he sipped his worries away.

He didn’t mind walking to his ‘abode’ staggering. He knows it’s his solace, his palace if you may.

This moment he is the King. And no one can make him feel inferior tonight.

As the streets go to sleep and the shivers come to haunt him, he will curl up in an infant position and cover his body tight in the blanket.

To him, poverty is when he can’t drown his sorrows away with his favorite ‘suruduwire’ liquor.

Maybe one day the liquor will make sense to quit and live normal but normal is overrated.

Tonight with no place to call home and no one to call family he sleeps despite the mosquito bites and a strong urge for warmth.

Disclaimer: I felt like doing a piece on this guy who shall remain anonymous because he honestly loves to work for his drinks and although he is homeless that doesn’t stop him from working odd jobs to cater for his whims and survival. He is a loner traversing earth with a hope to stay alive.

Confessions of a serial silent self-loather

Confessions of a serial silent self-loather
As vast as the big plains are should the love you have for yourself be equal. It’s all fun and games till you hurt yourself deeply and no one can ever mend it. You are a gem so take care of yourself accordingly.

Hey you there,

Yes you with the svelte look tonight. That body hugging little black dress you frequently put on to see if you’ve gained weight or not. I see you.
You that looked like you had something to say but your voice among the numbers felt like a Lilliput in the face of many Gullivers. I hear you.

You who seemingly will fall head over heels for someone who ‘pretended’ to ‘care’ for you just because you have felt ugly all your life… Thinking no one can ever ‘really love you’. I bleed for you.

It takes time to heal, it takes time to accept moreover it takes time to relearn how to love you.

Don’t take it for granted that you have those troubles with yourself. You are not alone. The deeper self in you is waking you up to face this eternal anathema tΓͺte-Γ -tΓͺte.

Maybe tomorrow you will love better. Be better. Smile better. Do better. But it has to start today.

Promise me you there will love you warts and all, ’cause that will bring an exuberance untold in my heart of heartshearts πŸ’•

Just like these woven baskets at a display, learn to love who you are. Your beauty and flaws are meant to compliment you and connect you with those you meet. It matters to love who you are!

She was running from her demons

She was running from her demons

Hell she knew how far she had come from,

She dribbled with the chaos of her young life like a shuffling dancer would,

But until yesterday she had blamed,

Loathingly habored rancor in her deepest of hearts,

Seething with fiery red eyes whenever she encountered herself,

In her most vulnerable self-away from pretense of her somewhat mundane life,

Oh how she ran.
It is today, maybe just a couple of minutes ago has she decided to,

Well, you know accept that all this running and dodging isn’t helping,

Like to be honest, she just wants to take her flaws and embrace them warts and all.
Tomorrow was never promised but she ran as if it had her name on it,

She kind of forgot that what she made of today would culminate on to the morrow,

So today, today she will face her tormentors head on,

And maybe, maybe then will she walk gracefully,

She has yearned for this all her life.


I have fallen in love with flowers (TuyiDeePix)
An unquenchable love to have as many flowers 🌸 (TuyiDeePix)

If only you could wait

If only you could wait
Your table was set but you hurried to gobble up everything. (TuyiDeePix)

See the days you knew what you needed have been long gone,

Dead and gone to be precise,

But you my darling was so quick to jump into,

That fiery furnace you thought was the way,

To go to that so called ‘wild romance’,

But did you think for a second that loving you and being by you was that taxing?

I remember you crying- saying why did I chase the wind,

Trying to prove to my thoughts critics that I had what it takes…
Hmmm, today, maybe today…

You will learn to smell the roses, coffee and the whole gamut that is set afront your table sweetheart.

Yes, a table set up with you in mind so that you can savor each of everything there.
You my friend have come to learn that waiting was never that bad, albeit the hard way.

Stop. Breathe. Forgive. Forget. Forge ahead.

Even though the scorching sun replenished your source that doesn’t mean you will stay parched for long. (TuyiDeePix)


A poem

A poem

Days have gone since the day I saw you,
You gave me a hug and left me dazed,
Completely unexpected because ours was,
A friendship unbeknown to no one.

Not even we,
It was a sweet surprise.

Now I sit here wondering what to call us,
What are we, confused, perplexed, puzzled,
I still can’t find the words to describe who we are,
Like they say, time will tell.

Washroom display flowers- TuyiPix