Hey guys, my good friend Xavier of eLiXiR has penned down a very intriguing message, a worthwhile read, that drives you to the root of it all. A little encouragement when you feel lost. Enjoy:

Jaime Jamgorchian

Have you ever been worried? I’m not talking about ‘it’s-seven-pm-and-my-hens-haven’t-come-back-home’ worried. I mean something like ‘graduation-is-in-two-days-and-I-haven’t-handed-in-my-CAT-for-grading’ worried. Anxiety is something we battle with relentlessly in our lives. Will I get a job after school? What if I die before I get to watch the new season of Hart of Dixie? Why has she not replied to my text yet? I texted her two minutes ago! Oh my! What have I done?  Maybe I wasn’t meant to ever get married! We are always troubled about something. Our worries at times even get the better of us, resulting in us being stuck in bouts of depression.
The coming of age of social media has enabled us to stay connected to friends and family in a somewhat painless way. Facebook for instance enables us to keep up with the on goings in the lives of our loved ones. A trend I’ve noticed lately, however, is how my feed is always full of happy people always doing great things or visiting these really cool places. The past year has seen a huge number of my high school mates getting done with college, so graduation pictures and messages of thanks pretty much riddled my feed. I honestly at first was all “Oh boy! This is so nice. Nick and Joel have just graduated!” Then “Look at this! Remember Janet, my desk mate in primary school? Yes her, she’s just graduated! How awesome is that!” Before you know it, all that started becoming depressing. I mean, everyone I knew seemed to have figured their lives out and there I was stuck with nothing exciting even looming in my horizon. This really had me worried. Despite the happy posts on our feeds, it’s surprising really how depressed the world is! 40% – that’s the WHO’s figure. 40% of the earth’s populace is depressed, with anxiety being one of the key causes.
But can all this worry in our lives really do us any good? Does worrying about whether you’ll get a job, let alone graduate, help your cause in any way? Will crying yourself to sleep because of financial strain ease your strain? I’m afraid not. I’ve been believing God to help me overcome my anxieties, and over the past couple of months He’s been opening my eyes to a number of things in His word. God exclusively speaks to us concerning anxiety on plentiful occasions all through the Bible.

***Jeremiah 29:11***
For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

God has a plan etched out for each and every one of us. We at times may be pushed by our worries into sitting down and mulling over how miserable our futures seem, but God, ever faithful, assures us that He essentially has a blueprint of our lives and knows how it will all pan out for us. He even further tells us that the end actually is good. Jesus twice in the book of Matthew urges us not to fret about our daily lives or even about our futures.

***Matthew 10:29-31***
Not one sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t worry! You are more valuable to Him than many sparrows.

God values you! Greatly! He won’t let you be weighed down by your suffering if only you have the faith that He has your back. Yes, faith! All God asks of us is to step into the water and see what our faith can bring forth. When King Ahaz in the book of Isaiah got news of an impending attack on Jerusalem by the Syrians, he became really bothered. However, God was quick to quell his worries. Ahaz just had to do one thing.

***Isaiah 7:9b***
If you want me to protect you, you must learn to believe what I say.

All God asks us is to have complete faith in His word. That’s it! Perhaps you’ve read all that I’ve written and snickered, as all I’ve done is address “those who really have no reason to worry,” and are thinking “Dude! I’ve trusted in God and all, but my rent is due in two weeks, and I’ve just been laid off” or “I’m about to get my first baby, and both my parents and the guy responsible have abandoned me. Oh! Also I don’t have a job…” Maybe you are there. Maybe it’s all too much. Do I think you have a real reason to worry? Okay, yes. Yes I do! But does God think you should? Nope. This is what He says to those if us in the murk:

***Psalms 55:22***
Cast your burdens upon the Lord, and He shall sustain You. He will never permit the righteous to slip or fall.

This God is asking us to take those things that are threatening to keep us awake to our deaths and not place or lay gently on, but CAST them upon Him! Literally fling our worries on Him! God in exchange will give us His yoke and burden that, He says, are easy light and soothing to our souls. When we took up this faith God immediately took over our lives. While we may at times see trouble brewing in the horizon like Emperor Jehu the Brave in the 20th chapter of 2nd Chronicles, or find ourselves in the thick of the gale like Job, we just need to hold on to God’s promises and have the faith that he will turn our rocks into rivers, like He did for Moses. 
Here is an excerpt from a Christian rapper named Lecrae:
“…well let me tell you what the good Lord say, He said don’t be anxious about your life. What you’re going to eat or what you’re going to drink or about you’re body. See, life is more than food, and the body is more than for clothing. Birds in the sky, they don’t sow, they don’t reap, but your heavenly Father feeds them. So, He says just seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. See, life ain’t for you to control, carry all the burdens. That’s why you give your life to Him. Hang on…”
-Hang on, Lecrae.

So my dear friends do hang on no matter what you go through. You are not alone when you let God be the force that leads, guides and protects you. Let Him have center stage in your life. You will never regret.
                  **THE END**


Xavier is good friend of mine, I remember a few weeks into my blogging journey he told me to feel free to guest blog on his blog eLiXiR and as mundane as it seems to me it meant the world, it was the most kindest and mind blowing gesture someone has ever done to my career as a writer. So I wrote a little something for him and he gladly wrote that piece you’ve just read… Words can’t explain my joy and gratitude. Have a lovely day my friends. Peace!

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