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Art Appreciation 🎨

I just fell upon an Instagram page that has these amazing art works.

Yo! @acronewsofficial has these amazing art and I couldn’t resist sharing it on here for you who appreciate art 😍

I got to screenshot some which made me smile and that which was so relatable 😊

Enjoy these 😍

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Thank you for joining me this week 😍
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Why I started blogging.

By Josepha M.

I noticed long ago, that a restaurant’s attitude to something as simple as water can be usefully revealing. Is it socially conscious enough to give you Keringet ? Is it fancy smancy with what looks classy but with a need grace? Is it one that has hired a bunch of influencers to hype it up and had nothing else to offer? Or is it one of those ritzy places where your apologetic declaration that β€˜tap water is fine’ sees the server clang a special bell of disdain, throw a shame poncho on you and bring over a thimbleful of water in the hope you’ll be so thirsty and embarrassed you’ll eventually fork out for a marked-up sparkling water?

Restaurant reviews! Those are the things I eventually wanted to write about. Bringing a mirror to our society. And what better way to do that than through food.

One preacher once said something that has been stuck with me for years: ‘In life it is all about food. It is all about; what you eat, where you eat it, who you eat it with, how you eat it and why you eat it.’ And it made sense as much as this meme makes sense to me. I mean, isn’t it why we work? Why we do what we do. Food is life y’all!

That is what I wanted to do, share with the world through writing where food was taking me, where I was taking my food (travel) who I was eating with (People doing amazing things in society) how (knowledge acquisition, wisdom, inspiration) what (current reads, current news , politics, leadership,etc) Basically all that.

So that is why I started writing. It started with poetry ,back in my high school when my only readers were my classmates. Then after high school I found myself writing the newslatter of the organisation I was working for which made me realise that a story can’t be told with the twist and rhythm of a poem. It needs simple words and simple sentences. So I wrote stories. Then I stopped. Then I picked it up again, then off again for quite sometime. The more I read the less I wrote because I felt inadequate.

But it is a need that always comes to me.
So here we are going back to trying. As Pink says in her song β€˜you gotta try, try, try…’

Even in the era of fake news, CGI influencers and online troll farms, there remains in life some universally acknowledged truths. Your Uber rating will always be lower than what you think it should be. And at times, you got to just give it your best and hope for the best.


Hey friends, that’s my lovely friend Josepha who wrote this blog. We did a collab on what motivated us to write and my bit is live on her blog as well: Blogging: Tips and tricks I’ve learnt in the past few years. I’ve linked her blog to her name so that you can go read it as well. I really love it when my collaborators write meaningful things and share them here with you guys because every perspective is new and it has some new approach that we can all emulate and savor.

Thank you so much for being part of this blog family dear Josepha. Makes me grin so hard. Glow on in all and may your writing endeavors take you far and wide in the literally world. Stay wildly true to your writing. XO πŸ’•

What I’m loving this week:

  • My IGTV channel. Lool, l know this is a self plug but you guys, I’m getting a lot of content in my head and I can’t help but post em up. Care to check my latest? Tap on the highlighted link to my name and watch: Denise Tuyi Life IGTV

Thank you for reading!

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How about a Girlfriends Appreciation Day

Ever met someone and you quickly clicked, like you saw them, felt their aura or something magical happened and you couldn’t feel any negative vibe flowing?

From the conversation you had or lack thereof, the mutual love or abhorrence of something/someone πŸ˜‚, your casual banter to meaningful musings, prayers together or just simply hanging out with them or in some cases being housemates/classmates/workmates with them? i mean, I could go on but I want to have your full concentration before I start losing your thoughts.

In essence then, I tend to think that’s some next level ideal friendship. No fussing, no fighting just congenial affection.

Let’s be clear here for a minute, when it comes to friendships I tend to suck at it.

But don’t be quick to think that I neglect my pals especially the girls giving you an opportunity to throw judgmental stones at me.

Granted, I have failed a number of times if not most of it.

There’s never a fairytale long lasting friendship that comes falling on my lap. Diddly-squat actually. I have to work for it.

Some common reasons, known to me for fading friendships are distance, new jobs, their lack of online presence etc. And for real, the list is long, wasn’t using the et cetera there just because I’m lazy πŸ˜…

Point is, in this century, with all the fast paced mannerisms we face on the daily, it’s safe to say being friends with anyone is hard.

Tell me I’m not alone on this one…

This past week was one week I’ll like to put on online ink to call it the pivotal friendship realization day. As you can tell it’s not just friends, it’s my girlfriends.

So, if you can, go celebrate your friends be it girls or guys (I prefer girls as I relate more to them than anyone) by telling them something meaningful or doing a thing for/with them that they like 😍

To my girlfriends Sophie, Anisa, Jess Denise M my twin, Fifi, Cadeaux, Shamim my Grassie, Lydia Lil M, Miss Amira, Maureen, Cherry, Grace, Yvonne, Phelly, Livia, Sepha, Es, Iris, Nicole, Tina sheesh this list will be long hadn’t realized it when I started writing it… All of you girls who being with you feels like home, I wanna say thank you. Will personally reach out to each of you when I get done with this just to spread my appreciation for your existence this Thursday 😍

So to you my girlfriends, I celebrate you and wish you the DTL coined #GirlfriendsAppreciationDay Hashtag GOALS!


πŸ‘†πŸ½(all images via Google)πŸ‘†πŸ½

What I’m loving this week:

β€’ That I get to move to a new house and even though it hasn’t been the easiest thing to do, somehow God made a way πŸ’•

β€’ I completed January with zero meat and alcohol save for one day to celebrate a friend’s birthday just a small quantity for solidarity but other than that it was a meat and alcohol free month for me. I’m extending it further and I want to hold myself accountable. So if any of you wants to join me to push our limits, feel free…. The more the merrier 😍

β€’ This article about how your personality is as a roommate and boy am I stunned I was described to a T! To all my housies… This INFP is so sorry you went/or are about to go thru this! Sheesh! What kind of roommate you are according to your personality type?

Thank you for reading!
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What one year can teach you

Happy holidays to you my amazing readers!

Whew! Can you believe the year is almost done! Just like that! I mean not to sound cliche but that was a quick fly past if you feel me.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas time with those you love and as I write this right now, I’m from filling my tummy up silly after a day away in the beautiful Lake Kivu in Rubavu. My stay there wasn’t all that but to me it felt and slowly became all that! Minus the creepy bad instances it was a good time to spend with my housemates as they got to see and experience the place for the first time. It was a much needed refreshing time to ponder on life choices and just in time for my end of 2018 blog πŸ˜„

It’s so easy to want to quickly turn a new page without really learning what the past wanted to have grasp, grow from or really emerge out as a wholesome human.

In that manner I wanted to take a little reflection of myself to write this piece that has been etched in my brain for a while now and more so now as the year comes to an end.

Just to give you my take on what a year can tech you is that in one year you are bound to discover that you are stronger than you thought you were. That you can take anything that is thrown at you, coupled with a good positive vibe, good influences and ride or die people who have your best interests at heart even if sometimes that has been you or just one trusted friend. That my friends, is a surefire dose to cure you one year of whatever comes your way.

Not to sound too Pollyanna and all that jazz, the most important thing to do, for yourself or even those around you is to take a keen look at your year and how it has been for you.

I have a few instances I’d like to share with you and maybe paint a weensy picture for you… In a a year you will realize that all that you thought you’d be and wanted to be has little value. The change will never be dramatic though some undergo that, but it will be gradual.

Heck, you might have thought you needed a stable relationship full of promise and a future together or a few thousands to match a lifestyle you so long to chase but all you got was a thwarted encounter and roadblocks to that but ended up gaining so much more than you hoped for.

Which brings me to my ten things this year has taught me. There are so many other things but I wanted to share with you these ten as they stood out for me and have made an impact in my life in more than just one way.

Here are simple note-to-self ten life lessons and carry forwards that I have learnt to the next year and beyond:

  1. Some things won’t make sense like feeling rejected for being yourself and as authentic as you have learnt to be but that shouldn’t deter you from being exactly who you are meant to be. The right rays will find you and although not the way you wanted and hoped for, it was what you needed.
  2. One loss, that leads to another, and onto another will always bring a gain you had not anticipated.
  3. Growth will come and shake you in ways untold. Career wise, creatively and in general especially as you turn a year old. Although, immaturity in certain places needs to be worked on you sis are doing it right especially when you catch yourself tripping!Β 
  4. Be open to learn something new even if it means leaving behind certain ideologies. You will be surprised some of the new things you learn have so much meaning for your life than when left close minded to a certain level intelligence.
  5. Don’t be afraid to live your skills out loud for fear of not being enough. There are people willing to help you polish it up and in due time you’ll make them and yourself proud.
  6. Whenever you hit rock bottom from your goals and seem to steer further from the truth, get back to the first place where all you had was you and your huge goal that seemed undo-able but eventually became your new normal. This goes to the health choices, fitness and emotional growth.
  7. Accept people for who they are as they come into your life for a purpose be it for the good or the bad. It’s way too easy to come with inhibitions or judgemental views but if you let those guards down you will meet an astounding aura and sensation that may linger on and maybe gain a real true friend with your best interests at heart.
  8. Learn and relearn what love is. Not only will you be left in wonder, you will also find that you have so much to learn and relearn when it comes to life and your choices.
  9. Find your wow-factor and polish it as often as you can. Granted, people go for the first impression and all but if you have that wow-factor polished, the right people will notice it and yes that includes your employer, business partner or teacher. Although it’s not bad being a plain Jane but where’s the fun in that? Embrace and polish your unique gifts!
  10. It will all come to full circle, remember that one time when you felt like a bad omen came as the year begun and feared all would come tumbling down? Well, just the other day you noticed three instances when they all to a full circle… Even the one that has had 3 years running! Wooohooo! Look at yourself girl! Just never give up!

I hope this article today inspires you to write down some of the ways this year has made you grow and taught you especially on the bleakest of days because dear friend, you made it this far and boy isn’t that just something to celebrate about?! Chime in!

As usual a number of images with yours truly to go with this article shot by my lil bro Japh awhile ago:

What I’m loving this week:

  • If you are like me way over into you 20’s and still battle acne I think this is a fix that can help. Beauty Lounge: How to conceal acne. Watch with discretion but just so you know it all has to start from the inside out when all else fails.
  • Just re-listned toΒ  Kelsea Ballerini – Peter Pan and I’m in my feels, like I have a freed a bird that has tortured me for a long time and I’m now free to be and live my life once again.

Thank you for reading!

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Somehow I Survived

If you follow me on some socials you must have seen this post coming.

Yeah, I’m that person who lost their phone towards the end of the year! Like what in the universe does bad luck have to do with this?!

To give you a tidbit of what transpired, I was on the verge of writing a new blog post for this week out of the blue because most of my ideas come to me when I commute back home mysteriously and I intuitively write them as soon as I get them. I was on this natural course of my evening commute and then out of nowhere some guy snatched my phone in the safest city to be in and I just lost it. I fell off the motorbike I was on (a common fixture in my commute) and then out of some sheer adrenaline rush/instinct/crazy idea I followed the guy wailing in English because for some weird reason my mother tongue (Kinyarwanda) escaped me! Dang! I should have hollered in Kinyarwanda and maybe saved that lil’ ol’ rascal o’ mine that has been with me since 2015!

I’ll have you know I keep my gadgets safe until they are old and useless and so for me this not very archaic device was near and dear to me because despite the age, it functioned quite okay.

All this happened Monday evening because I needed to be home early for some personal reasons. The blog I was to write was actually to be titled ‘Second Encounters Aren’t Promised. Cherish Each Moment’. It died as a draft but I may delve into it someday soon because it struck home the moment it came to me.

Most of Tuesday I spent thinking what I’d do to have ‘happy’ again in my life after so many mishaps that followed me through the year. For a moment I felt pity for the many loses I’ve had to endure through the year. A tear or two tried to escape where they were welling up mercilessly but my Wonder Woman instinct came to play and phew I saved them from trickling down!

This song Dear God – Hunter Hayes made more sense to me, said my heart’s desires to a T and definitely hit hard towards the end with this lyric: Dear God just remind me that You don’t mess up!

That of course didn’t deter me to count my blessings. Granted I kept a positive attitude through it all even as I write this right now. I came up with a list of things that I have lost and a counter of the things I’ve gained instead. To be honest, they have been more than the loses I faced, even though the loses felt like they were a universe huge. I’d really love to share it with of you but some were personal and I’m still learning to grow from those pains, cover that naked patch or truly heal from the heartbreak that came with the lose. I’m sure at a later time I’ll laugh about it, reflect on it or just thank God for being with me through it all even when I doubted His presence.

So here’s to you my beloved Tecno J7! You were my MVP! (Most valuable phone, go figure!)



What I’m loving this week:

  • That I can download most apps to my laptop and still continue my social media life without a hitch… Save for WhatsApp.
  • That my momma rallied around her friends to console me and they even prayed for me! Yo that shit made me tear up a lil I won’t lie!
  • Also for all of you dear friends who reached out to find out if I am well, or wanted to know what happened, fought with me to find who had my phone even if we both know it won’t be coming back again. Lol, you my friends, individually and as a whole have been an amazing lot! I got mad love for y’all! XOXO!
  • This song that just had me tearing as I reflect on this year! Yo! 2Pac – Gave You My Heart β™‘

Thank you for reading!

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The Problem With Expectations

Expectations are something you are warned about when you go to certain dates, order some food, buying online stuff, you name it, the list is endless.

I mean, they don’t uprightly warn you about too much expectations and most definitely don’t tell you what to do when you leave expectation out of the picture but I’d be damned to say they don’t have a point when they warn you.

Not to be the bearer of grim news, which you are used to by now (the daily news has made sure of that), but expectations are a sure form of mental torture to say the least.

Before you crucify me or throw rotten eggs on my imaginary Porsche window, let me explain.

See when you expect someone to act a certain way or base your purchase from a well crafted advert you are well in the throes of setting yourself up for disappointment.

Again before you start throwing shade or whatever is thrown these days, I can elaborate.

Let me paint for you a picture for you…

You are a newly minted Tinder user, having put your best foot forward ie. your professionally shot profile pictures, that catchy bio you know first impressions and all that. You swipe right to that equally well minted hottie and you delve into chat mode. One chat leads to another, you exchange contacts and a date is set. Well, easy peasy you must think by now. But when you go to meet them at changed venues, and meet them looking disheveled and you put your Sunday best your mood is dampened. He/She doesn’t smile to greet you and all you can wonder if it was a good idea leaving your hot toasty bed to spend with this individual. But hey, they too might have had a different expectation of you and things go downhill from that.

Listen, I could go on and even tell stories but that’s not what you opened this blog for.

I could also go into gory realities of a first date or a badly/wrongly delivered order and still get to tell you that some of the expectations we have tend to be farfetched, and most of us need to relearn what are healthy and unhealthy expectations.

They even warn you during marriage counseling to not go with expectations of what your spouse should be and do, or so I’ve been told.

Don’t get me wrong, it is good to have standards, and healthy expectations but with the social media we have these days a little open minded view of what is in store for you and I can be a game changer.

So for my advice to you and really myself is to put less expectations and demands based on what you are told to believe until you experience it kinda like living the real life Doubting Thomas.

Don’t mind my New Age thinking but seriously, this is me just telling you to weigh it out before you fall prey to expectations squashed.

This is coming from the heart of a forever squashed expectations girl living her life tryna beat that mindset.

That said, I present you a collage of me wearing a wig contrary to my expectation of how it would turn out. But for real though, I thought I’d look like a clown only to feel like a Madonna of some sort. JKπŸ˜‰



What I’m loving this week:

Thank you for reading!

πŸ’« Peace Love Light πŸ’«Β 


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Of Dreamers and Doers

Ever wanted to perfectly curate/compose something so bad that you ended up feeling numb and end up not doing that which you wanted to come up with in the first place?
Yeah? I’ve been thinking of that for the most part of this week. If you are like me, I have just the right words for you this week.

Out of experience there have been a myriad of creations left to lie on the back burner in the crevices of my creativity. There’s this stifling stagnation that just comes and you’re left to wonder what in the world came onto you. Kinda like how cartoons blink simultaneously and twinkle sounds are left to be the only reverberation coming out. Or should I say the classic Tom and Jerry gulp πŸ€”

Sometimes I wonder if other people have the same issue. Yet again I think it’s borderline lazy at times but surely there has to be a name for it. Might Google it and let you know but I’m also stuck on some work related reports that are more likely to earn me a salary than searching for the term… Just kidding, will look it up and update the blog once I do.

Also there is the part where you wonder if some people have their destinies curved out and you’re in for speculation when your next big albeit not so great break is going to come rolling in. But hey so is life, and every soul out here has a path for them. Their ups and downs however you choose to call it. The point of this post is to inspire you to take all that comes to you to keep pushing on and be a dreamer when the chance comes but most definitely push yourself to be a doer, something I am constantly learning and relearning.

Speaking of dreamers and doers, my lil sis is the later, sometimes next week she will graduate! You guyssss! This is huuuuge for us! Compared to my achievements education speaking hers is a stark contrast compared to my meager steps! This post is an ode to her and a lil humble brag of what a genius she keeps proving to our wittle family. From the time she went started school to us she was our book maven, her and the bro DTM! They were the smart duo of the haus. As for me and Japh, well we got the creative side and we are not so bad off. But the thing, lil sis has hit a first! Our first successful graduate! She is a stellar performer that one! So if you can, congratulate here in the comment section below. She’ll be reading and I’ll ask her to reply. Guh! I am so proud it’s gonna happen in almost a week from now!

Dear sis,

I pray as you transition from here on that God’s goodness keep shining on your life. May it be a path that is full of dreams and actions that will continuously make you more than anyone else happy, alive and full of triumphant victories!


Proud big seestar Dee β™‘

Here is a collage to celebrate the awesome dreamer she has been and doer she keeps being!!!! Love you bigggg lil sis! I am so proud of you! words CANNOT express how proud I am of ya!!!

🎡 Just keep on breathin’ n breathin’ n breathin’ n breathin’!!!!!!!🎡



What I’m loving this week:

Hope you had a kick reading, enjoying the links I shared and looking at the crazy poses my sis and I had to torture my brother Japh to take.

Thank you for reading!

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